Thai police maintain the accusation of premeditated murder against Daniel Sancho

The Thailand Police maintains the accusation of premeditated murder against the Spaniard Daniel Sancho in his final report of the investigation into the death of the Colombian Edwin Arrietawhich was delivered this Monday to the Prosecutor’s Office, police sources revealed to EFE today.

The Police of the island of Phangan (southern Thailand) accuse Sancho, after a two-month investigation, of premeditated murder and concealment of the body, the same charges that were presented against the Spaniard on August 7, when He was brought to justice and placed in provisional prison.

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The Samui Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to EFE this Monday that it had received the report from the police station in neighboring Phangan, where the alleged crime took place on August 2.

Prosecutors must now prepare their own report, which They have to deliver to the Samui court before October 29at which point the judge may set a date for the trial.

Sancho, 29 years old and who is in provisional detention in Samui prison, was arrested on August 5 in Phangan, after confessing that day to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian surgeon, whose remains were scattered around the island and the sea.

Daniel Sancho and Edwin Arrieta.


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Thailand’s Penal Code provides for the death penalty for crimes such as premeditated murder, but if handed down, this is usually later commuted to life imprisonment.

On the other hand, the confession and cooperation of the accused can help significantly reduce the sentence, as the judge himself reminded Sancho on August 7, when he was brought to justice.

He young Spaniard confessed while in police custody at the Phaghan police station and collaborated with the Police in the reconstruction of the alleged crime and the location of evidence.

In the case of the crime of concealment or destruction of the corpse or parts of the corpse, of which the Police also accuse Sancho, the penalty would not be more than one year in prison.

Regarding the cause of death of the 44-year-old Colombian surgeon, the Police in their report would maintain that it was a cut in the neck, according to what the same police sources told EFE today, although the final result of the death has not been revealed at this time. the autopsy.

These sources added that eight of the seventeen parts into which Arrieta’s body was dismembered have been found.

The young man has been without a lawyer in Thailand since September 7, after the Spanish actor Rodolfo Sancho, father of the accused, dispensed with the services of the Thai lawyer Anan Chuayprabat (Kunh Anan) due to “discrepancies in the defense.”

Sancho, who since his entry into prison appears regularly before the judge electronically, must have a Thai lawyer once the trial begins and if you do not have one, the judge will assign one ex officio.


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