Teresa Rodríguez Rubio, Andalusian bread and joy

Now, after completely disassociating herself from the purple brand, Teresa Rodríguez (Rota, 1981) is running once again for the presidency of Andalusia as the candidate of the renewed formation Adelante Andalucía, which she defines as the only “left-wing Andalusian force, feminist and environmentalist who defends the interests of the Andalusian people” and who is giving a lot to talk about.

Andalusian and Andalusianism

Teresa Rodríguez is “la Tere”. In the streets they call her that, also in the media. In an affectionate, endearing way, as is only mentioned when the candidacy is headed by a woman. No one thinks of saying “El Juanma”, “El Espadas”, or “El Marín”. But this has helped Teresa Rodríguez to be present among the people with that neighborhood self-confidence that fills her mouth with “things to eat.”

Her aspirations go through “the aspirations of the Andalusian people”, which according to her are education, health, or as a quote in an interview with the powerjust a few days after leaving the bench of the Andalusian Parliament as a candidate for Podemos, everything is said in the murga of Carlos Cano’s current workers: “In the most beautiful and popular way. ‘Get rid’ of unemployment and ‘have’ work. Free school, medicine and hospital. Bread and joy never lack. Let the emigrants return soon. Have culture and prosperity.”

From Andalusian, Andalusian, but from “Blas Infante’s Andalusianism” or “Andalusian Andalusianism”, to in order “not to confuse it with another, more bourgeois nationalism”. Because Andalusianism is not independence. His party, Adelante Andalucía, has proposed one thing that is very clear to them and that they carry as their flag: that the white and green have partisan representation in the Congress of Deputies. Although before, we will have to wait and see what happens in the regional elections of 19J. And the truth is, it will not be an easy thing.

bread and joy

The being and being of Teresa Rodríguez has led her to always do politics, without the need to hold a partisan position. She is a grassroots trade unionist, activist and teacher with the power of education for social transformation. She has proven to be intelligent beyond measure and not because she was the first of her promotion during his studies in Arabic Philologywhich also, but because she has been the only candidate who has put on earth in 8 years reason, concordance, without leaving aside the heart. La Cadiz is the representation of “bread and joy” by Carlos Cano, also as a way of channeling rage.

Being born next to a US military base on Andalusian soil is something that has marked him throughout his life and his militancy: neither wars nor capitalism. Teresa Rodríguez is one more neighbor. She may be the only candidate, or at least that is how we have seen it, who puts washing machines during the day of reflection, which makes us think about how, who and when the rest of the politicians wash their clothes like the rest of humanity in this world. The same thing writes you a speech that fixes a blind. With her you can have a coffee and eat a toast without feeling a look over your shoulder while you talk about references, which by the way, many are Andalusian: the first her mother, then there is Rocío Jurado, María Zambrano or trans women with La Petróleo .

where is the left

Let us remember that in February 2020, Teresa Rodríguez, tired and with the excuse of a coalition between her party and the PSOE from Madrid, slams her feet and says “bye fish” to Podemos. We will never forget that video that lacked soap opera music with which the Cádiz-born woman and Pablo Iglesias sold a “buenrrollismo” that never came. Hey, divorces by mutual agreement exist, of course they do, but there was nowhere to take this.

In May of that year, Rodríguez and the rest of the members of Anticapitalistas also effectively left Podemos, but they did not leave, waiting for a change in leadership. Within a few months, Pandora’s Box exploded. IU pointed to the parliamentarians as turncoats and together with Podemos Andalucía, led at that time by Martina Velarde, presented a request to remove the nine deputies from Adelante from the coalition. The Constitutional rejected the precautionary measures that the expelled group that he had requested to be reintegrated into his parliamentary group.

Perhaps, at this time, Teresa Rodríguez needed to return to “the marine being who lived between the sand and the first buoy”, because as she said when she told this secret, “that sexless, athletic and wild being could do whatever he wanted”. That being still lives in her and “can handle everything”. So much so, that in June 2021, finally, Teresa Rodríguez registered the brand Andante Andalucía, with which he so longed to defend Andalusia, in his own land, but also in all of Spain. The leader of Anticapitalistas and former autonomous coordinator of Podemos is thus formally presented as leader of this formation after being elected again.

Teresa Rodríguez was left without friends, camaraderie and support in Parliament, but Andalusia was left without a leftist alternative. A chaos. Lots of fragmentation and little mutual support. As always, the consequences were borne, and are borne, by the voters who want to talk about “things to eat”, but really. While, the rights, fascism and, why not, the socialists They rubbed their hands with this show, the Andalusians and Andalusians felt that what they had voted for in December 2018 had been useless.

You pull them between the left, they don’t loosen. Neither subsidies for the electoral campaign, nor coverage in the public media. We will see and see, the decision of the Electoral Board, if Teresa Rodríguez steps on the sets of these chains to debate with the rest of the candidates for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía. “They want to make us invisible,” says the policy. All this because, the left-wing coalition Por Andalucía alleges that as a non-attached deputy, she was expelled from the parliamentary group after leaving Podemos, Teresa Rodríguez did not lead any party with representation.

Two legislatures

Like everything in this life, you can never say that “I will not drink this water”. Teresa Rodríguez shouted actively and passively, over and over again, that “as a person who dedicates herself to politics professionally, she had an expiration date.” She spoke of “limitation of mandate of two legislatures”, that is, eight years. And so, like someone who does not want the thing, it is already three: one as a candidate for the Board in Andalusian elections, after having headed the list of Podemos in the March 2015 elections, the second, in Adelante Andalucía in those of December 2018, and another one to come. Be careful, we must add the eight months of MEP in 2014 before when Podemos surprised the electorate.

Of course, these elections have a special touch. Without hesitation, seeks to curb the extreme right, but also to differentiate itself from the rest of the left-wing candidates. For this reason, the ballots of these elections of his formation, instead of the logo, will have his photograph printed. First of all, Teresa Rodríguez, let there be no confusion. This coalition is made up of four parties: Anticapitalistas Andalucía, Primavera Andaluza, Izquierda Andaluza and Defend Andalucía.

We have always seen Teresa Rodríguez in the streets, next to the people: the Kellys, the farm workers, from Airbus. He has spoken and defended migration, antigypsyism, feminism and also environmentalism. He has shown that he is in everything or he is not in anything, that he is not gray, it is clear and forceful. If not, tell Susana Díaz, former president of the Junta de Andalucía for the PSOE. But perhaps the reproach is not in what she does, but in how they do it, the leftists.


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