Tense calm in the Valencian PP after the congress

The sudden farewell Paul Married and the subsequent rise of Alberto Nunez Feijoo by unanimous acclamation they have left the Valencian PP in a deadlock situation. It is difficult for the battle to break out before next year’s elections, but here are seven keys to not getting lost in the internal struggles of the conservative formation.

one. Carlos Mazon He came to the regional presidency of the PP as a personal bet by Pablo Casado and, above all, by Teodoro García Egea, of whom he was very close, to increase the territorial control of the party of those who ruled in Genoa at that time. The operation was carried out abruptly, with the expulsion, with very bad manners, of the then regional president, Isabel Bonig, whom the bases recognized as having taken charge of the party in the toughest moments of judicial siege and social disrepute due to the corruption.

2. The direct line and the historical relationship with Feijóo in the Valencian PP is, above all, Bonig and his sector (Leaving aside Esteban González Pons, who does not enter into these equations because he does not plan to return from Brussels). Those related to Bonig –or opponents to Mazón- will not miss this change in the correlation of forces. Bonig herself broke her silence with a tweet the same day that the Galician made public his candidacy to preside over the party where he boasted of his proximity. The tweet remains pinned to his profile.

3. But, in addition to Bonig, he also maintains good relations with Feijóo Eve Ortiz. The deputy from Orihuela was not only Bonig’s faithful right-hand man until the end, but she has also been a staunch enemy of Mazón since the battles between zaplanistas Y campers twenty years ago, especially bloody in the Alicante regions.

4. For the moment, it seems that Mazón maintains the presidency of the party and the candidacy. At most, there is only one year left for the next regional elections and there is not much time to experiment. This dictatorship of the calendar is the main strength of Mazón. Now he will play everything on one card: win these elections and become the next president of the Generalitat.

5. Mazón tried to establish a direct connection with Feijóo on a whirlwind trip to Santiago de Compostela at the end of March. The result of the operation, despite the fact that the PPCV leadership assures that it was a complete success, is rather poor, as could be seen in the extraordinary congress on April 3. There, who came out reinforced, in addition to González Pons, who is also very much in tune with Feijóo, was Maria Jose Catalawho entered the state executive of the party.

6. Catalá accumulates more and more power within the PP. Mayor for Valencia, spokesperson in Les Corts and now a member of the state executive thanks above all to the impulse of González Pons. Could it be Mazón’s replacement if he loses next year’s elections? Everything will depend on her result for mayor, but she is very well placed and could be a consensus candidate.

7. Gonzalez Pons remains the true heavyweight of the Valencian PP. In his favor, he has to be a name linked to the splendor of the party and, at the same time, be totally clean of suspicions of corruption. Some reports claim that Feijóo wanted him as general secretary of the party on a Spanish scale and, if he wanted to, he would have no problem becoming the next candidate for the Generalitat. But the MEP prefers to stay in Brussels and promote the figure of Catalá.

8. After years of solid botanical demographics, there are now some surveys that show the real chance of popular victory, thanks to “the Feijóo effect” and the discomfort generated by the price increase. The presidency would be conditioned, it is clear, to a coalition with Vox that everyone takes for granted. Even so, from the PP they are aware that the objective will not be easy and that the Feijóo effect will not work miracles either.

Mazón is still a little-known candidate outside of Alacant and since he is not a deputy, he cannot directly engage with Ximo Puig in Les Corts. In any case, the result will be adjusted and the deputies who may or may not get both Ciudadanos and United Podamos will be key when it comes to giving a majority to one block or the other.


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