Tellado (PP) says that Javier Esparza aspires to become vice president of Chivite, with UPN as a “crutch” of the PSN

He admits that UPN’s decision to go solo took them by “surprise” and opens the doors to Sayas, Adanero and other Cs charges

MADRID, 6 Jan. (.) –

The deputy secretary of Organization of the PP, Miguel Tellado, has criticized that the Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN) has “chosen” the Socialist Party instead of the Popular Party before the 2023 elections and has attributed this movement to the fact that the president of that formation , Javier Esparza aspires to become vice president of a government led by María Chivite, a “personal ambition” that he sees as “legitimate”.

“We have the responsibility of occupying all the center-right space because UPN has renounced being center-right. UPN wants to be with Javier Esparza, a catch phrase of the Socialist Party,” Tellado declared in an interview with Europa Press.

The ‘popular’ leader has confessed that the UPN’s decision to run alone in the elections has taken them “by surprise” and has stressed that Esparza “decided to break off the talks with the PP even before they had started.”

In his opinion, Esparza’s words indicate that he does not want to agree with the PP because “what interests him is having a free hand to agree with the PSN.” “He had to choose between the PP and the PSOE and he has chosen the Socialist Party. And therefore, today the PP of Navarra has a fundamental role: to bring together the entire center-right vote because UPN has decided to stop being one and wants to be a priority partner of the Socialist Party of Navarra”, he emphasized.


The person in charge of Organization of the ‘popular’ considers that the Navarrese PP led by Javier García is the one that now occupies “exclusively” the center-right space and has stressed that the PP has the “doors open” to all those who want to join because It is intended to be a “wide project”.

When asked if the PP is going to try to sign the deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos Adanero, expelled from UPN for voting in February against the labor reform of the Government of Pedro Sánchez, he has affirmed that his formation will try to “bring together everything the center-right vote. “All those who feel represented in this project by Javier García and Alberto Núñez Feijóo have the doors of our party”, he added.

In this sense, he has stressed that the PP of Navarra will have to decide on these possible agreements. “I think it is a conversation that must be had in Navarra. It must be the PP of Navarra who speaks with the deputies Sayas and Adanero and with other members of Navarra Suma because there are also representatives of Ciudadanos who probably do not attend the elections and who can have a place in our project in Navarra”, he highlighted.


The deputy secretary of Organization of the PP has assured that Esparza “what he aspires to is to be vice president of Chivite.” “And his personal ambition is legitimate, perfectly legitimate. We do not share it,” he asserted.

Tellado, who is also a senator from the Popular Group, explained that the PP is running in the May elections with the aim of “occupying the entire center-right” and “throwing out Bildu and those who govern with them”, alluding to the Socialists .

At this point, he has accused UPN of having “given up on that goal.” “We will never be agreeing with the Socialist Party. We want to kick Bildu and the Socialist Party out of the institutions of Navarra,” he added.


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