Telegram introduces recommendations for new channels and video messages in stories

MADRID, Dec. 1 (Portaltic/EP) –

Telegram has inserted new functions for improve communication and platform customizationwith tools such as recommendations for new channels according to user tastes, the option to publish video messages in stories or the possibility of configuring different profile colors and wallpapers.

The instant messaging platform, led by Pavel Durov, continues to work on the implementation of new features for improve user experience, as the option to publish stories for subscribers of the premium version of the ‘app’, which was launched last July.

Now, Telegram has added multiple features in a new update in order to improve communication between users when publishing content, and increase the customization options of the ‘app’.

In this sense, as the company has detailed in a statement on its blog, Telegram has introduced a option to discover new channels similar to those followed by users. This is a feature where, when users join a new channel, the platform will recommend other similar channels related to the same topic. As detailed, these recommendations will only include public channels and, in addition, the selection will be based on the similarity of their subscriber bases.

Another new feature introduced is the ability to republish stories from other users and channels, so that they are added to the user’s own profile. In addition, this option allows you to add extra content such as text or audio to these stories, since they have “separate visibility settings.”

As Telegram has explained, to republish a story just touch the arrow-shaped icon to share and, after that, click on ‘Republish story’. Likewise, only stories that are visible to all users can be republished.

Following this line, Telegram has introduced the ability to post video messages to stories. In this way, users will be able to complement their content with a video comment or add more expression with, for example, a grimace.

Video messages can be placed anywhere on the screen and in the size desired by the user. Additionally, it also allows you to set the time axis to start or end “at any frame.” To record a video message, just press and hold the camera icon in the story editor.

Continuing with the stories, the messaging platform has introduced a section to see the statistics of the stories published on the channels. Thus, you can access data such as views, how many times it has been shared and reactions. All illustrated in detailed graphs to “track reach”. To access the statistics, users must enter the channel information and, in the three-dot menu, click on ‘Statistics’.

On the other hand, Telegram has also expanded the option to transcribe voice messages and videos to text to all users since, until now, this feature was only available to users with the premium version of the ‘app’. However, with the new update, any user will be able to quickly view the content of an audio converted to text and even translate it into different languages, just by pressing the ‘A’ icon located on the side of the audio.

This option will allow you to transcribe up to two messages a week for the standard version of Telegram and will be rolled out gradually, so “it may not be available immediately.”

Finally, regarding the customization of the ‘app’Telegram has also expanded the profile colors feature to all users -that It was previously available for premium users. In this way, any user can personalize their profile by choosing a combination of colors and logos.

Likewise, the platform has also updated wallpapers that, now, they can customize for both sides of the conversation. That is, you can choose wallpapers with different themes or photos and configure them for all participants in the chat, applying the same appearance. This feature is exclusive for premium users.

In addition to all this, the company has created a new interface to manage reactions in channels, with which users can add or remove ’emojis’ as you like from the reactions menu standard. This way, you can add personalized ’emojis’ to your liking and delete any you don’t use.

Telegram has also added a new animation for self-deleting messages on iOS, which will disappear, simulating that they vaporize into millions of pixels. As defined by the platform, it is an animation that simulates “Thanos’ snap.”

All these new features are already available to all users with the latest Telegram update for iOS and the last one version of the ‘app’ for Android downloaded from However, the company has detailed that the version of the ‘app’ distributed through the Google Play Store “is being reviewed by the store and will be available later.”

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