Telegram allows you to customize notification tones and silence them with durations determined by the user


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MADRID, 18 Apr. (Portaltic/EP) –

Telegram has included in its latest update new customization options for notifications, which allow you to create specific sounds for different contacts and set specific durations to silence them.

As the company has stated in a statement, changes have been implemented in sending responses in private messages and the ‘bot’ configurationamong other new features that are already part of the latest version v8.7.0 of the application for iOS and Android.

Of this set of tools, the possibility of converting any sound in a notification tone on the platform, to create personalized alerts with songs and memes.

To be able to do this, just click on a short audio file or a voice message in a chat and add it to the list of notification sounds and assign it to any chat, whether individual or group.

Thus, users can create your own ringtones personalized and unique, which can be both audio files and voice messages of up to 5 seconds and a maximum size of 300 KB.

In the latest update of this messaging platform, the option to pause notifications during a certain timebe it minutes, hours, days and even months, but set by the user, which is added to the default options already offered by the ‘app’.

Message self-delete has also taken on a new nuance with the update from February 2021, when this feature was introduced. In this case, it has been streamlined with a new menu that requires fewer commands to activate and allows for flexible time settings, like two days, three weeks or four months, among others.

The company has also highlighted that from now on you can access the preview of original messages when sharing them with others. individual or group chats before sending them.

With this, it has been remembered that users will be able to continue hiding the name of the sender or the comments that said message has generated if users search for preserve anonymity of the senders.

This version also offers support for new tools that will offer developers the opportunity to create flexible interfaces for Telegram ‘bots’ with JavaScript.

These can be programmed to match the application’s color scheme in real time and change its appearance in day and night modes. Likewise, users can add ‘bots’ to groups and channels –in this case, only if they appear as administrators– from the ‘bot’ profile, as well as configure their privileges and permissions.

Telegram’s latest update includes improved translation for iOS devices, which now has new languages ​​available, such as Ukrainian. In addition, the ‘app’ for Android has also introduced these languages.

Other improvements of the application for mobiles with this operating system fall on the function of image within image (PiP, Picture in Picture) on Android. In this way, it is already possible to change the size of the window, which now has rounded edges, by pinching the screen itself.

Finally, new animations have been introduced in the menu of number change and emojis animated food, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, flans and popcorn.

All users can access this set of features in the latest version of Telegram for iOS and Android, available on the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

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