Telefónica closes above 4 euros for the first time since May and STC’s capital gain is close to 200 million

Criteria Caixa has invested almost 2.6 million euros in the operator’s shares since the entry of the Saudi group

MADRID, September 19 (-) –

Telefónica’s share price closed the day this Tuesday above 4 euros (+1%) for the first time since May 10, bringing the 9.9% stake in the Spanish operator that STC acquired on On September 5, it has a market value currently close to 2.3 billion euros, that is, almost 200 million more than the 2.1 billion that the Saudi company invested to land in the Spanish company.

Specifically, Telefónica shares closed the session at 4.027 euros, which represents a revaluation of 7.35% since STC announced its arrival in the company on September 5, when the company’s shares closed the day at 3.751. euros.

On the other hand, Criteria Caixa, the holding company of the La Caixa Banking Foundation, has invested almost 2.6 million euros in Telefónica shares since last September 5, according to the records of the National Market Commission. Securities (CNMV) consulted by Europa Press.

Specifically, Criteria Caixa has acquired a total of 669,747 Telefónica shares since that date and the amount of its investment has been 2.59 million euros, so the average purchase price has been 3.87 euros per title, that is, 3.73% below the current price of the operator’s shares.

Along these lines, Criteria Caixa has already invested almost 70 million euros so far this year in the acquisition of 18.81 million Telefónica shares, so the average purchase price has been 3.7 euros.

At the current price, the share package acquired by Criteria Caixa so far this year has a value of 75.6 million euros.

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