Tele-Prompt, the new AI that suggests ingenious answers to intervene in work meetings

MADRID, Dec. 29 (Portaltic/EP) –

The developers Daniel Gross and Nat Friedman have created teleprompta program that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that suggests comments and clever ideas in real time for intervene in conversations, such as work meetings.

Tele-Prompt works in a very similar way to other AI programs like ChatGTPdeveloped by OpenAI, a text-based training technology that is capable of developing responses, linking ideas, and remembering previous conversations.

Specifically, Tele-Prompt, is an AI which aims provide a support service in conversations and offers a more personalized service, since it bases its responses on what it hears from the participants in the conversation. It does so through a voice recognition system and can be used during informal conversations and even in work meetings.

As Gross has commented, this artificial intelligence works privately on the computer and offline to a server. To get started, you need a voice recognition system that is capable of capturing what is being said and then suggesting comments and contributions to a conversation.

then use SentenceTransformer, a Python framework that embeds sentences, text, and images and takes care of finding phrases related to those topics. Specific, You can calculate phrases and suggestions in more than 100 languages.

At the moment, this AI, whose code can be found in the GitHub repositories, is in the experimental phase, but it is presented as an optimal solution for work meetings in the future.

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