Tebas: “I want to continue presiding over LaLiga after 2024 to develop LaLiga Impulso”

MADRID, Sep. 8 (.) –

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, confessed that his plans once his current LaLiga mandate ends in 2024 is to “continue” as head of the employers’ association to continue developing the LaLiga Impulso project, while admitting that “we must improve things” in European football, although he insisted that the solution is not “to make a Super League that would destroy the national leagues”.

“Continue (after 2024). I want the Impulso plan that we are going to develop with CVC money to be fully developed because they have elected me president for projects of this type. We will assess this fifteen-year advance in five or six years and I can’t say that I’m leaving halfway through the project,” said Tebas in an interview with the magazine ‘Influencers’ collected by Europa Press.

During the conversation with said media outlet, the boss of the bosses explained that the CVC project “allows anticipating investments that would have taken fifteen or twenty years to make.” “If you allocate 1,800 million only for infrastructure, stadiums are going to be reformed, they are going to be digitized. But if that money had not appeared, the clubs are not going to invest in infrastructure because the money they have is to maintain the category or achieve the objectives sports,” he said.

Tebas stressed that unanimity is not needed to continue with this project, which “has already been approved and is going ahead.” “Those who are not in favor are left out, although the project benefits everyone. What we cannot pretend is that there is only one club with a large stadium in Spain. We have to work for the industry to grow, not for Florentino ( Pérez) make his Super League and then distribute the money in solidarity, which is what he said,” he added.

“The problem that the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, has is that if LaLiga is stronger and the clubs can be stronger economically and have better players and infrastructures, his Superliga project will be less and less attractive. The clubs do not want destroy the national leagues and the Superliga destroys them, whatever Florentino Pérez says. Then, at FC Barcelona what happens is that there is a lot of following towards Real Madrid; and I am not going to value the Athletic Club thing, but of course that It’s not your place,” he analyzed.

However, he acknowledged that it is “true” that some aspects of European football need to be “improved”, although the solution is not the Super League that Pérez proposes. “Florentino never loses. Although he has lost, it seems that he has won. The project of the Super League, intellectually, is that the greats of Europe rule in football. And here the rest of us do not paint anything. That project will continue in his head and of any more, I don’t think he has died,” he deepened.

“UEFA’s current model of European football, with its flaws, has been an economic success. It has distributed a lot of wealth and many jobs have been created. Things have to be improved, it’s true, but not to make a Super League that would destroy the national leagues,” he added.


Asked about the salary limit in the Spanish competition, Tebas insisted that “everything that is done in LaLiga must have the conviction of the majority of the clubs”, although not unanimity, that “it is a defect that was committed before and that caused the minority to rule”. “Nor can it be run only by the big clubs. The awareness of the clubs that we had to have economic control and reverse the situation of those economic ruins that could not continue was not easy,” he said.

In the first season, there were one hundred and thirty-five sanctions for that salary limit, although for “specific issues”, while currently “there are no more than two or three a year”. “The only one that says that the salary limit is not clear is Barça. What happens is that, due to the context they have, it is better to blame Tebas, when I am not the one in control of the economy; for that there is a cabinet of fourteen or fifteen people directed by the corporate general director. I am not in that day to day, “he said.

Tebas does not believe that LaLiga has lost its attractiveness after the refusal of Haaland and Mbappé to the Spanish competition. “If we look at the clubs they are in, we will see that they are clubs that do economic dumping. Of course we would like to have them here, but it is not essential. I prefer not to have clubs that do economic dumping like City or PSG in LaLiga because that It makes us stronger than having those players,” he explained.

Finally, about the fixes in professional football, Tebas stressed that “there is none.” “In the rest of the categories I have my doubts, because they don’t work like we do. The ‘league of values’ that my friend Rubiales talks about is cosmetic, it’s not deep work,” he settled.

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