Tata Quispe on salary increase in the Senate: “This increase is an insult to the population”

Former deputy Rafael “Tata” Quispe reacted this Monday to the salary increase approved by the Senate, of 0.98% for incumbent senators and 3% for alternate senators, and argued that this salary increase “is an insult to the population”, which must face the economic crisis that the country is going through.

“This increase is an insult to the population, when the population suffers from the increase in the prices of products and that now they have to be increased, it does not seem like a good sign for the population,” Quispe said.

According to the former deputy, the rise in the prices of the family basket is becoming more and more evident and the senators should be the last to ask for a salary increase, since their salaries reach 22,000 bolivianos, in the case of incumbents, and close to 7,000 bolivianos in the case of substitutes.

“The salary cannot be justified, deputies and senators work on average twice a week, that is 8 times a month. Their salaries are not justified. They have the tickets paid, they are given credit, they are given cell phones and laptops, it does not justify the salary increase. The regulars earn 22,000 Bolivians and the substitutes earn 7,000 Bolivians. I believe that the increase does not match the reality of the country,” he added.

Likewise, the former legislator indicated that the measure should be annulled, taking into account the situation in the country.

“I believe that this increase is not consistent with the moment the country is going through, they should leave it without effect because there are people who earn the basic, people who do not have a job, there is a crisis. The egg cost 20 cents and now it is more than 1 boliviano, bread has risen, among other things, really, ordinary people are suffering from the crisis, ”she said.

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