Taiwan asks for the support of the international community for its participation in the UN General Assembly

MADRID, Sep. 7 (.) –

The Taiwan authorities have called on the international community to support its participation in the next United Nations General Assembly, scheduled to be held in New York in mid-September and from which it is excluded due to “pressure from China”. .

The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office has released a statement in which it highlights Taiwan as “a valuable partner” that can help “overcome the global challenges that the world is now facing”, including the coronavirus pandemic, the fight climate change, supply chain disruptions or the war in Ukraine.

In this sense, the Government of the island has valued its humanitarian support to the countries most affected by the pandemic, as well as the shipment of “more than 550 tons of relief supplies” to the Ukrainian population and more than 40 million dollars (about 40.35 million euros) for the refugees from this war.

In the climate field, Taiwan says it is committed to combating global warming through a plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, as well as the implementation of policies aimed at achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

“As the world’s 22nd largest economy in terms of GDP and the largest producer of semiconductors, Taiwan plays a key role in global supply chains. And as a defender of Democracy, Taiwan works to safeguard the ‘status quo’ in the Taiwan Strait and the rules-based international order,” the Taiwanese authorities have stressed.

Finally, from the island they have warned that “the growing rhetorical and military intimidation of China” puts “now more than ever” the peace and stability of the Asian region in danger, with the impact that this may have on world security.

“All people, including the people of Taiwan, deserve to be heard and to be part of the collaborative effort to address such challenges,” said the authorities, stressing their commitment to work to “defend peace and stability in the region.”

“Denying participation in the UN to those with the ability to contribute is a moral and material loss to the world, and it is therefore necessary for the UN to see Taiwan for what it is: a valued and worthy partner, willing and able to cooperate and contribute to international society”, they concluded.

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