“Syrian Network”: The video of the “Solidarity” massacre paves the way for the judicial condemnation of the regime


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Istanbul / Mehmet Mesto / Anatolia

The director of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Fadel Abdul Ghani, considered, on Friday, that the video documenting the massacre of the regime forces in the Tadamon neighborhood in the capital, Damascus, “contains strong evidence that can be built upon judicially.”

And on Wednesday, the British newspaper, The Guardian, published a video clip that said that a recruit in a militia loyal to the regime had leaked it, showing the forces of “Branch 227” of the regime’s military intelligence killing at least 41 people and burning their bodies in the Tadamon neighborhood in Damascus on April 16, 2013.

Abdel-Ghani told Anadolu Agency, “The Syrian Network for Human Rights has similar clips that the army and the shabiha are executing in a similar way to what is happening.”

He added, “But what distinguishes this report is that it was able to identify the criminal and the branch to which he belongs, infiltrate him and extract a confession from him, and thus completely condemns the military intelligence and the regime affiliated with him.”

Abdel-Ghani stated that “the video recording was submitted to 3 public prosecutors in Germany, France and the Netherlands, to start judicial procedures against the perpetrators of this horrific massacre.”

He stressed that “it is not enough to only go to the judiciary and condemn it, but there must be steps against the regime itself and its individuals who have reached the point of brutality to depict the massacres they committed.”

He added, “If action is not taken against the regime, the lawsuits that continue for years will not bring any result because the perpetrator is in Syria and cannot be reached and brought to implement any judgment issued against him.”

The human rights official pointed to “the need to tighten the screws on the regime and impose a political process that ends it and transforms Syria into a democratic country that protects civilians and holds the killers and criminals accountable.”

He continued, “This video will put pressure on the countries that shake hands with the regime and seek to normalize relations with it, because they will realize the extent of the embarrassment they will face if they insist on taking this path.”

He pointed out that “the Syrian Network for Human Rights has begun work to identify the victims by counting the dead and detainees in the same period, and by communicating with the families of the forcibly disappeared and those whose fate is unknown.”

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