Sweden pours cold water on Sánchez’s attempt to make Catalan the official language of the EU

The Government of Sweden acknowledged this Wednesday that it has doubts regarding the incorporation of Catalan, Basque and Galician as official languages ​​within the EU and, although it has not yet taken a final position, it has indicated that will study the budgetary and operational effects that this initiative would imply.

The Swedish Executive is “undecided” regarding the possibility of modifying Regulation number 1, which sets out the official languages ​​of the EU, according to the Minister of European Affairs, Jessika Roswall. Stockholm wants to examine “further” what the “legal and financial” consequences of the proposal are, although Roswall has already noted that “There are many minority languages ​​that are not official within the EU“.

In mid-August, the Spanish Government requested from the Council that Catalan, Basque and Galician be incorporated into the regulations that regulate the linguistic regime, which dates back to 1958 and has 24 official languages. Any change requires the unanimity of the Twenty-Sevenso it cannot move forward if only one Member State objects.

Spain, as the rotating presidency of the EU, has included the matter on the agenda of the next Council of Ministers of General Affairs, which will be held next Tuesday the 19th, with the intention of having a debate and an eventual vote.

However, various diplomatic sources consulted by Europa Press consider it premature to assume that there is a decision on Twenty-Seven because several partners have doubts about the cost of the measure and the way in which it may affect other minority languages ​​in the EU.

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