Suspect in murder of 10 people in Canada dies after being arrested

The suspect of murdering ten people and injuring another 18 last Sunday in the province of Saskatchewan (Canada) died on Wednesday, shortly after the Mounted Police captured him, as reported by public television CBC. Agents were looking for Myles Sanderson30, after finding the body of his brother Damien, 31, and also the alleged perpetrator of the murders on Monday.

Some users have shared on social networks images of the arrest of Myles Sanderson. The suspect appears standing next to a vehicle while several police officers surround him. He does not appear to be injured or resisting arrest.

The stabbings took place Sunday between the towns of Weldon and the James Smith Cree Nation. “Myles has a long criminal history with both crimes against people and propertyCommander Rhonda Blackmore recalled during a press conference on Tuesday.

Agents found Damien’s body in a wooded area near the James Smith Cree Nation Indian Reservation. Police are still investigating whether his brother Myles murdered him. Authorities have not yet revealed what might have led the stabbing suspects to commit this crime.


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