Substitute rector of the CNE: a different correlation was unthinkable

One of the new substitute rectors of the CNE, Tulio Ramírez, spoke about the formation of the new Electoral Power

Tulio Ramírez, the new substitute rector of the National Electoral Council (CNE), assured that the majority of the rectors recently appointed by the National Assembly are committed to society assuming the vote as the legal and correct way out for any crisis in Venezuela and that all scheduled elections are given in a normal way and with respect to the decision of the citizen.

He explained that this CNE “must guarantee the conditions so that everyone can express themselves freely, and that came to the fore in the conversations that we have all had.”

In an interview with Circuito Éxitos, and regarding the correlation of forces in favor of the ruling party within the electoral body, the sociologist indicated that it was impossible to think of a different correlation. “What is certain is that it was unthinkable to expect a different correlation”, it was blunt. “Many expected something more rude and it was given a three to two,” she said.

Said until the last minute they did not know who of those selected would be main and who alternates. “Many of us were not surprised.”

He added that the work of the new CNE begins immediately, starting this Friday the 25th, and provided explanations about the roles assumed by substitute rectors within the organization.

He stressed that it is difficult to venture hypotheses about what is going to happen because the new CNE has not been installed, however, he insisted that issues regarding electoral conditions, such as disqualifications, he believes, will be among the first issues on the agenda.

Here you can watch and listen to the full interview:

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