Straw | Did Tareck El Aissami die, as reported by the ABC portal?

Until the afternoon of September 13, 2023, the alleged death of Tareck El Aissami, as reported by the ABC portal (from New York) on September 12, is a mystery. Neither the government of Nicolás Maduro nor relatives of El Aissami have commented on the issue.

Text: Ligia Perdomo

The ABC portal, not to be confused with the well-known Spanish newspaper, published on September 12 that Tareck El Aissami, who was serving as Minister of Petroleum when the PDVSA-Cripto corruption scandal broke out, died under strange circumstances, as informed by an unofficial source. . A request came to EsPaja to verify this species, which, according to the search carried out, is a mystery.

The headline of the note says: “Unofficial: Tareck El Aissami died under strange circumstances.” In the text he points out that the death, at 3:45 am on September 12, occurred due to health “complications”, putting the word complications in quotes.

On Tuesday, September 12, a post on X (formerly Twitter) from the ABC portal, based in New York, generated many doubts among the audience:

Tareck ABC Tuit

At the time of capturing the image –11:50 am on September 13– the message had more than 344 thousand views on that social network.

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This message from ABC circulates in the midst of total official opacity. Since El Aissami’s departure from the Maduro government in March, nothing has been known about his whereabouts. He was not arrested because his name does not appear among those arrested in the PDVSA-Cripto case, but the authorities have not said where the leader of the operation is, which according to some calculations represents an embezzlement of just over 16 billion Dollars.

In the Internet search, no evidence was found that what ABC said was true or false. Just an amplified and unconfirmed version of Father Palmar:

Tareck Palmar tuit

The ABC information spread a day after the La Patilla portal reported that El Aissami sent a message to ruler Nicolás Maduro in which he requests a meeting to reach an agreement.

La Patilla pointed out that the meeting would take place upon Maduro’s return from China (visiting until September 14), in which he would offer the crypto keys to recover the money from PDVSA in exchange for the freedom of his closest friends and special measures. for the same.

El Aissami resigned from his position as Minister of Petroleum on March 20, 2023, three days after the first arrest in the PDVSA-Cripto corruption case, for which 61 people have been arrested.

On September 12, the TikTok account @sol651.libertad uploaded a video with the photo and the information published by ABC, echoing unconfirmed information.

The media that are rigorous with the information they publish have not responded to ABC. Dozens of comments can be found on ABC’s post. But until the afternoon of September 13, there is no information from the Maduro government or from relatives of El Aissami that confirms the species published by ABC and later by Father Palmar. Therefore, the supposed death of El Aissami is a mystery.

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