Srilankan Inflation : Inflation in Sri Lanka reached close to 30%, seeing the prices of essential goods, sweating


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Srilankan Inflation


  • Sri Lanka’s overall inflation hit nearly 30 per cent in April
  • In March, Sri Lanka’s overall inflation stood at 18.7 percent.
  • India gave him another $500 million line of credit for fuel purchase

Srilankan Inflation: Sri Lanka’s overall inflation, which is going through a deep economic crisis, reached around 30 percent in April due to increase in food prices, compared to 18.7 percent in March. Sri Lanka’s Census and Statistics Office on Sunday released inflation data for the month of April. According to this, Sri Lanka’s overall inflation stood at 29.8 percent last month.

In this way, there has been a sharp jump in inflation within a month. Inflation in March stood at 18.7 per cent. Food inflation reached a worrying level of 46.6 per cent in April 2022. In its first month it was 30.21 per cent. The reason for this is that due to the cash crunch, Sri Lanka is not able to supply even the essential food products properly, due to which their prices have increased a lot.

The Sri Lankan government is looking forward to foreign aid of $4 billion to tide over the current financial crisis. For this, he has also contacted the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Recently India has given him another line of credit of $ 500 million for fuel purchase. Earlier, India has also agreed to postpone payment of $ 1.5 billion from Sri Lanka.


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