Spotify Soundtrap introduces the possibility of adding text comments to audio tracks

MADRID, 10 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Spotify’s digital audio workstation (DAW) platform, soundtrap, has introduced new tools for creators, among which are the automatic saving of projects or the ability to make text comments on audio tracks.

Soundtrap is a service currently available in web version and ‘app’ for iOS and Android, which allows multitrack recording, as well as real-time musical composition with other artists, both online and offline.

As the company has announced in a statement collected by TechCrunch, Spotify is implementing new features, available in an optional download public beta.

In it, it is now possible to perform live collaborations, so musicians can work on the same project from any device in real time. To take advantage of this functionality, collaborators will need to enable this feature before creating a new project to create a music track or podcast.

Another of the functions that the application has begun to implement is that of the comments, This will allow users working on a project to leave notes or text notes on different parts of the audio track during remote collaborations.

Lastly, the company has introduced the automatic storage option, with which users will be able to work without having to Save the changes you make manually.

Although these features are already available in a beta version of Spotify Soundtrap, Spotify has pointed out that planning to release an update steady later this year.

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