Spain knocks out Norway (2-1) and is four-time European Under-19 champion

The ‘Rojita’ goes back to the Norwegians with a goal from Bartel in discount

MADRID, July 9 (.) –

The Spanish U-19 women’s team was proclaimed European champion of the category this Saturday by knocking down Norway (2-1) with a goal from Júlia Bartel with half a minute to go, consummating a comeback like Pedro López’s for add his fourth title of the category.

Spain leaves the Women’s U-19 EURO without losing, with nine wins and two draws. The last victory, the decisive one, against some powerful Norwegians who were locked in their area for much of a final that the Spanish dominated.

We had to wait to celebrate the second goal, the victory and the comeback. Although Spain scored in the 42nd minute, thanks to Martina Fernández, the goal -which seemed legal- was annulled by the Romanian referee Alina Pesu.

In the end, so much was the jug to the source that Spain achieved victory. A long pass was controlled brilliantly by the scorer of the first goal, Ane Elexpuru, to wait, watch the action, give the ball to Carmen Álvarez and she gave a killer pass behind that Bartel read perfectly.

The Barça player was not nervous and pushed the ball into the net to unleash ecstasy, celebration, with her teammates and with the bench, knowing that they were half a minute from glory.

Four years later, Spain U-19 adds the fourth women’s EURO of the category after the successes of 2004, 2017 and 2018. And it does so in its ninth final. A success achieved thanks to the quality of the players, who never turned their backs on the game despite Iris Omarsdottir’s early goal for Norway, in the 5th minute, after a defensive error by the Spanish.

A possible victory, in part, due to the tying goal still in the first half. A defensive header from Bartel herself left Norwegian centre-back Fink ready to give the ball to her goalkeeper, but she missed and Elexpuru, who was chasing the action, stole to face and score the equalizer despite Panengstuen reaching her. touch.


–RESULT: SPAIN, 2 – NORWAY, 1 (1-1, at halftime).


SPAIN: Font; Laborde, Fernandez, Lloris, Medina; mingueza; Elexpuru, Bartel, Fiamma (Álvarez, min.46), Vignola (Baradad, min.64); and Uria.

NORWAY: Panengstüen; Lovas, Fink, Pettersen, Sorbo (Johansen, min.58); Dirdal (Lüthcke, min. 80), Bronstad, Jorde; Tandberg (Birkelund, min.58), Omarsdottir (Ron, min.86) and Kyvag.


0-1. Min.5, Omarsdottir.

1-1. Min.36, Elexpuru.

2-1. Min.90+4, Bartel.

–REFEREE: Alina Pesu (RUM). She booked Álvarez (min.62), Lloris (min.71) in Spain and Jorde (min.47), Bronstad (min.44), Fink (min.37) in Norway.

–STADIUM: Mestsky Stadion, Ostrava (Czech Republic).

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