South Africa reiterates its dissatisfaction with “unscientific and discriminatory” travel bans

It points out that the decision will generate “considerable and lasting damage” to the economy of the affected countries.

MADRID, Dec. 2 (.) –

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has once again expressed his dissatisfaction with the internationally imposed travel bans on South Africa, which he considers “unscientific and discriminatory”.

Ramaphosa is immersed in a high-level tour of the western region of the African continent and, during his stop in Nigeria, he thanked the President of that nation, Muhammadu Buhari, for the message that his Government sent when holding the meeting.

“The solidarity that you (Buhari) and the Nigerian Government express sends the strongest message. It says that, as African countries, we are united against the imposition of arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions that are not only unscientific, but contrary to the long-term productive level. term “, has indicated.

Ramaphosa has detailed that the leaders of the Ivory Coast, Ghana or Senegal, nations that he will visit throughout this tour, also move in the same terms, collects the South African portal News24.

“This is a global pandemic, and overcoming it requires that we collaborate and work together as a collective,” said the South African president, appealing to the twinning of Africa and that of the international community.

Similarly, he lamented that these bans will cause “considerable and lasting damage” to the economies of the nations affected by the measures.

Ramaphosa’s visit takes place when the majority of the international community has strengthened its measures to prevent contagion of coronavirus, especially with the ban on traveling to South Africa and other countries in the southern region of the continent due to the appearance of a new variant of the virus. , omicron.

Finally, the South African president has invited the rest of the African nations not to act like the countries of other continents and not to impose travel bans.

For his part, Buhari has referred to bilateral agreements and related to future business within the framework of the African Continental Free Trade Area. “We have to do more to achieve integration between the two economies,” considers the Nigerian leader.

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