Sony introduces the FR7, its first camera with interchangeable lenses, PTZ technology and full-frame sensor

MADRID, Sep. 7 (Portaltic/EP) –

Sony has presented the ILMEFR7its first camera equipped with remote control pan/tilt/zoom technology (PTZfor its acronym in English), a full-frame sensor and interchangeable lenses, designed for use in audiovisual productions.

The Japanese company has unveiled the latest addition to its range Cinema Line for cinematographic productions in a statement published on its website.

The ILME-FR7 incorporates a high-performance full-frame image sensor, the Exmor R CMOS 35mm backlit, with 10.3 effective megapixels and 15+ steps of latitude. In addition, it is Sony’s first camera with E-mount interchangeable lenses, which work with remote pan/tilt/zoom technology.

In addition, the integrated image processor BIONZ XR takes care of detection to focus the eyes, even when subjects are looking at steep angles, allowing for greater operator concentration.

This camera also integrates a series of functions present by default in the Sony Cinema Line range. One of them is the sensitivity adjustment, which allows the ISO of the sensor reach the 4096004 when shooting in low light environments.

Another feature makes it possible to shoot in 4K and 120 frames per second (FPS). In addition, various scene presets are included, such as S-Kinetone for skin tones, and the mode I.E. Cinemawhich minimizes noise and matches lighting conditions for post-production.

On the other hand, the functions Fast Hybrid AF and pan/tilt/zoom combine to bring stationary or fast-moving subjects into focus and prevent out-of-focus images, even with shallow depth of field.


Sony has detailed that the camera operator can direct the ILME-FR7 from a web ‘app’ available for tablets and computers. In fact, the Japanese has indicated that several people can monitor the footage of the device simultaneously, and it is also possible to manage multiple cameras from a single computer.

Thanks to this application, the FR7 can memorize up to one hundred camera position presets, which include its direction, zoom and focus, can be activated with a single button.

The FR7 also supports the S700 protocol via ethernet, enabling control of this product from the remote control panel (CPR) of Sony and from the master setup unit (MSU) with a ‘firmware’ update.

At the connectivity level, it also comes with a dual slot for memory cards CFexpress Type A and SDXC. Additionally, you can record XAVC-I footage with metadata.

With its built-in remote pan/tilt mechanism, the FR7 can be mounted on a tripod, a ceiling, or in other places with limited access so subjects can be discreetly tracked and recorded.

Sony has ensured that its new camera can be adapted to different workflow scenarios, from a ‘plug and play’ (plug and ready) to more complex productions. This is possible, according to the company, thanks to its wide variety of video inputs and outputs, IP streaming, power and synchronization with other devices.

The FR7 will be exhibited for the first time in the ‘stand’ of Sony in the fair IBC 2022, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), from September 9 to 12. The price and launch date in Europe are still unknown, but the Sony website in the United States anticipates that its arrival in that market will take place in November at a price of $9,699.99 (about 9,784.4 euros at current exchange rates) without glasses.

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