Some 4,000 Venezuelans arrived in Ecuador in recent days

The Ombudsman of Ecuador recalled that “migration is a human right” and asked the inhabitants of his country to “humanize us and help in the possibility of our reach,” remembering that there are many compatriots in other countries suffering the same as the Venezuelan. , the Colombian or the Haitian

The Ombudsman’s Office of Ecuador reported last Friday, December 1, that in recent weeks some 4,000 Venezuelans arrived in the country from Peru, after this country announced that it will expel foreigners who have not registered to regularize their immigration status.

The Ombudsman, César Córdova, acknowledged on the Ecuador TV Córdova channel that “it is a strong fact” and proposed the creation of “humanitarian corridors” for those Venezuelans who wish to return to their country or to other nations.

“I am concerned that they have already entered the country and there are 4,000 Venezuelans here who need the support of a community,” he added.

Córdova, who is acting in the Ombudsman’s Office, indicated that these data were known last week and that there are no records that they had left the country, so it is inferred that “they have stayed.”

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The Ombudsman recalled that “migration is a human right” and urged Ecuadorians to be aware that “there are Ecuadorians abroad such as in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama who are in the same situation as Venezuelans here.” ».

The defender asked Ecuadorians to “humanize ourselves and help in the possibility of our reach,” remembering that there are many compatriots in other countries suffering the same as the Venezuelan, the Colombian or the Haitian.

After the announcement of expulsions from Peru, Ecuadorian authorities were alert for fearing an “exodus” of Venezuelans to their country.

According to the latest report from the Interagency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants of Venezuela (R4V), more than 7.7 million people have left Venezuela. Just over 4.9 million are in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Specifically, more than 2.89 million Venezuelans live in Colombia, 1.54 million in Peru and 475,000 in Ecuador, after this year about 25,000 left the nation.

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