Some 400 people demonstrate in the center of Barcelona under the slogan ‘Let’s stop fascism’

Some 400 people, according to the Urban Police, demonstrated this Tuesday afternoon in the center of Barcelona under the slogan ‘Let’s stop fascism’. The participants have concentrated from seven in University Squareresponding to a heterogeneous appeal made by housing unions, movements in favor of the occupation, the CNT or the CUP.

As of eight in the evening, the concentrates have begun to walk in the direction of the round Sant Antoni in the midst of a considerable police deployment. The Department of the Interior has explained that the objective of the device is to guarantee mobilization and that the conveners can exercise your right to protest safely and without incident.

Within the framework of the police device, the main mouth of the subway was closed university, and the rest of the mouths were guarded by agents. Several streets have also been blocked, which has meant that the protesters have not been able to go towards Pelai’s street and have chosen to head towards the Sant Antoni round.

The conveners have prepared a manifesto in which they denounce the “partisan instrumentalization” of phenomena such as the use by “populist” formations, or the fact that this question is made a problem and not its “structural causes” as now “poverty”. The manifesto denounces that this issue is used to “create a social alarm” and “protecting oligarchies,” even with “thug companies.”

Interior has explained that the demonstration is classified as level 3, which implies, among other things, the use of drones, propellers and other police units.

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