Soldiers from the Israeli Army assassinate a 16-year-old Palestinian girl

The israeli army acknowledges that there is a “high probability” that his soldiers have shot dead a Palestinian girl during an operation in the occupied territory of west bank. Jana Zakarneh, 16 years old, died this Monday after being shot by Israeli troops. According to military device sources, the victim was on the roof of a house “close to the shooters” and would have been “unintentionally” beaten.

The Israeli troops, who command almost daily operations in the besieged area, have exceptionally expressed their condolences. The prime minister of the country, Yair Lapidhas regretted the death of a civilian at the hands of the soldiers, but recognizes that the deployment in west bank to be continue. About 150 people of Palestinian origin have died from the violent onslaught of Israel in so far this year. It is the highest number known since 2006.

The Israel Armed Forces They are investigating what happened. Apparently, they are considering the possibility that the teenager was mistaken for an attacker when I was at the top of the house. They also assure that she could be found in the first place. fire lineafter confirming that several snipers fired at rooftops during the raid, which has resulted in 18 arrests.

“During the operation, several suspects threw explosives and carried out mass shots against the troops, who also fired at armed men”, points out the israeli army in a statement, in which he stresses that there are no wounded soldiers. In December alone, some ten Palestinians have been killed by the military in Israel.

From the US they ask for responsibilities

USA claims seriousness after the israeli army acknowledge that the murder was most likely the result of an attack carried out by his troops. State Department spokesman ned pricehas acknowledged that they expect “see responsibilities” for the “tragic” event. In addition, the representative has reiterated the need for “urgent measures” to alleviate “the escalation of violence” in the occupied west bank.

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