Socialists, Kirchnerists, Castroites and alleged murderers: the Sena, arrested for the crime of their daughter-in-law in Argentina

The saying goes that “What bad starts, bad finishes“. The love story of Cecilia Strzyzowski and César Sena seemed doomed to failure from the beginning. They met through the social network Tinder, at the end of 2021. He lied to her, he introduced himself as: Alejandro, 26 years old and an architect. But she had barely come of age, she was eleven years older, and it all happened too fast. A year later they were already married. Although as soon as they got married they started the divorce proceedings. It seems that they did it to please César’s mother, who never approved of the relationship and he made it a condition to inherit a piece of land from his grandmother, according to the girl’s family. The truth is that the couple did not break up and they have not stopped being together at any time.

That’s how it was until the past June 1. It is the day that Cecilia was last seen. The 28-year-old girl spoke by video call with her mother and told her that she was going to take a trip to Ushuaia with her 19-year-old partner. The next day they had to catch a flight to Buenos Aires. That is why the woman did not give too much importance to the fact that he could not contact her in the following days. However, a security camera captured some images on June 2 in which the young woman is seen entering the house of her in-laws in Resistencia (Argentina). never left home. Although his family did not learn of his disappearance until a few days later.

According to the local press, on June 5, some agents showed up at Cecilia’s sister’s house and informed her that a neighbor of the Sena family had denounced that he knew that “something had been done to him”. Both she and other relatives try to locate her, but they find it impossible. In the following days, César’s entourage spreads a tangle of lies about the young. Among others, his aunt Patricia Inés (his mother’s sister) to whom he was very close although she recently said that they were not closely related (something that her Facebook posts deny). They came to say that the girl had left to meet a lover. The objective was to hide what really happened in the house of these “piqueteros” —as they define themselves— of the United Socialists for Chaco Party.

Precisely ideological differences between Cecilia and César’s parents (both involved in politics) they were always a stumbling block in the relationship between them. As explained by a great-aunt of the young woman in CNN Argentinathey hated her because they wanted her to be a piquetera and she refused“She even mentioned an incident with a Che shirt that they tried to get her to wear and the girl rejected. She did not enter through the hoop, and her mother-in-law —Marcela Acuña—, on whom the worst suspicions fall, never forgave her. The Public Prosecutor’s Office believes that all three (the boy, his mother and father) participated in the death and concealment of the young woman’s body. crushed bones found Tuesday June 20 in the Tragadero River belong to the victim.

Who killed her?

Police have arrested a total of seven people. between them to seine attendantGustavo Obregon, and his wifeFabiana González (also an employee of the family), who —according to the recordings— were at the crime scene on the day of the proceedings and it is believed that they helped the couple to dispose of the corpse. He is precisely the one who told investigators the place where the family would have dumped the girl’s remains.


However, it will be difficult to determine the material author(s) of Cecilia’s murder. It seems that they have a very well defined strategy to try to escape unscathed from the serious accusations against them. César, because he is the victim’s partner and has scratches on his body, is the one who has to lose. but they will use the mental illness trick.

His parents have let the blame fall on him while claiming he has schizophrenia, reason why it could not be prosecuted. It will be necessary to see if they can prove that he suffers from said disease. Although it is evident that it is possible that reports will come out from under the stones. The Sena couple is influential in the province and is very close to the Kirchnerist governor Jorge Milton Capitanich.

They deny their involvement in the murder. But Marcela —the mother— yes He acknowledged having seen “a lump” in one of the rooms that he assumed would be “a body”. She did it knowing that cannot be accused of concealment because the Argentine Penal Code exempts spouses and direct relatives in case they help the person responsible for a crime to hide the body.

In any case, none of this changes the fact that security camera footage they place both (Emerenciano and Marcela) in the family home in which the young woman entered alive and left – presumably – dead. Neither of them went anywhere until the next day. Day in which by the way They attended the different events normally campaign in which they were expected to participate.

The Sena in an electoral act one day after the crime.

Kirchneristas, Castroites and piqueteros

The Sena marriage grew politically under the wing of Kirchnerist Jorge Milton Capitanichwho became the provincial government in 2007. The relationship between them was very close, so much so that it was his best man at the wedding and shared an electoral ballot with Emerenciano in the primary elections on Sunday, June 18.

César’s father is a well-known piquetero leader of Resistencia (the capital of Chaco) who has come to be called The Miracle Chaco Room (referring to the Argentine union leader known for the construction of houses in Jujuy). Momentum the creation of the Emerenciano neighborhood (which bears his name in his honor) where homes were granted to militants of the movement, who, of course, are very grateful to him.

His ideas are close to those promoted by the Castro brothers in Cuba. He was clearly seen in the images of the celebration of the Day of the flag in the Public School of Social Management No. 2which went viral. The face of Che Guevara is the shield of the center, in which the students wear red overalls and sing hymns in honor of the bloodthirsty leader. In 2019 they even received a visit from Ernesto’s brother, the writer Juan Martín Guevara.

For her part, Marcela Acuña -51 years old-, who defines herself as black and picketera 100% on her Facebook profile, she was a candidate for mayor of Resistencia on a collecting list of the Chaqueño Front that precisely promoted the re-election of Governor Capitanich. In recent years she had become a reference of the group Mujeres al Frente of the Emerenciano United Socialist Movement.

The priest’s version

As in all good soap operas, the priest was missing. César Sena asked for the assistance of a priest and received that of Rafael Del Blanco. He did not hesitate to talk to him about what happened, which the priest recounted when leaving the police station, arguing that it was not a confession and therefore there was no room for secrecy of confession.

“Could it be, father, that I will ever be able to forgive my parents for what they did to me?” says the priest who asked the boy. “When you tell what you have to tell, you know you will never see me again. She will never kiss me again, “he would have commented on his mother, pointing to her responsibility for the facts.

César Sena (left) and Cecilia Strzyzowski (right). FACEBOOK.

“He is very angry with his mother,” the priest declared. “In all the dialogue that I had with him, he accused the mother. like it got out of handas there was a strong discussion and that something happened there that he does not know what or how it ended because he says that he was not there, “he explained. He had sent him somewhere, he said, and when he returned “Cecilia was no longer there.”My mom didn’t love her, but I never imagined that she could get to this extreme.“, said.

He did not notice “sorry” but “sad” and “distressed” for not seeing Cecilia again, said Del Blanco. It seems that the parish priest knew the family well. Del Blanco said that César Sena, along with his father and his mother traveled in 2018 to Rome to meet Pope Francisat a time when the Supreme Pontiff opted to receive leaders of social movements.

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