Social instability and reforms: the red circle seeks to get closer to Milei

He business world celebrated the arrival of a process of strong reforms that benefit the private sector competitiveness. The “new era” was confirmed with the victory of Javier Milei in the runoff, and now he establishment will demand that progress be made with measures shocktaking advantage of the strong political support at the polls. But the specter of the social crisis due to the application of a strong devaluation, state adjustment and absence of direct assistance flies over the red circle. He had not been their chosen candidatebut now search strengthen bridges.

Business sources, consulted by PROFILEwere enthusiastic about the implementation of a package of measures that benefit the business climateespecially they expect as a first measure the withdrawal of the State in interventions on the economic variables that affect companies, with focus on prices and foreign trade regulations. They also wait for labor, tax and fiscal reformswhich allows them to reduce operating costs to gain competitiveness.

Javier Milei spoke for the first time as president-elect: “There is no place for gradualism or lukewarmness”

However, a sector of the red circle was hit. On Sunday afternoon, while some business entities rushed to congratulate Milei on the election result, others were on the verge of paralysis. “Some sectors were left in off side, because they had played a lot with Massa. “Out of conviction or out of interest”, highlighted a source from the heart of one of the chacarera entities. Just in the middle of the night, a consensus of joint statement of the Group of Six (G6), considered the productive red circle. It was of a content washed.

“In the context of the commemoration of 40 years of uninterrupted democracy, The members of the G6 greet and congratulate the president elected Javier Milei and express their willingness to work together in solutions to the problems posed by the country’s development. From the G6 we advocate for dialogue as a fundamental tool to overcome the difficulties that Argentina faces,” the statement said.

Three sectors, in search of reconciliation

It happens that although Milei attended the meeting of the Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production (Cicyp), organized by the G6, there was three sectors that arrived at lunch with a lot of resistance: the builders of Camarco, the industrialists of the UIA and the national banks of Adeba. The first, because the libertarian announced the end of public works; the latter, for fear of the opening of markets and the end of national protectionism; and, the third, due to political affinity with Massa.

“We salute the new president-elect, Javier Milei, and We fervently hope that you can carry out all the transformations that this country needs and, in that sense, we are institutionally committed to giving you all our collaboration,” said the president of the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC), Mario Grinman.

Versions found about a license request to the Ministry of Economy

While the owner of the Argentine Rural Society (MRS), Nicolas Pinoassured that “the new government will have the support of the countrysidebecause now a great opportunity opens up to work together to make a radical change in current policies,” and called for the generation of “investment conditions, within the framework of the strengthening legal security and trustand an increase in competitiveness through a lower Argentine costand the distortionary taxes to production.”

The fear of social outbreak and the theory of the legislative assembly

There is, however, a latent fear: that he reformist and liberation plan announced cause a deepening economic crisiswhich concludes with a “social explosion” and a “legislative assembly” in the event of a possible presidential acephaly, as happened in 2001. That possibility resurfaced during the fear campaign implemented by a sector of Unión por la Patria. But it also has a precedent in diplomatic sources linked to the United States Embassy in Argentina, which PROFILE was able to check. In fact, Milei himself warned that he will put limits on the claims: “within the law, everything; “Outside the law, nothing”.

Some entities have already begun to call for social harmony. He, he reiterated his demand for the formation of a “constructive opposition”and He called on the defeated at the polls to become the leader of Peronism outside the Casa Rosada, even though the minister himself gave signs of distancing himself from politics during his speech. “We also salute Sergio Massa, perhaps the next leader of the opposition. And, in that sense, we want to have a constructive opposition, to think about the needs of the Argentine people to carry out everything that needs to be done to transform ourselves into a normal country“, always within the framework of democracy, respecting the independence of the powers of the Republic, and fundamentally of private initiative,” said Grinman.

Mauricio Macri won with his support for Javier Milei and thinks about surrounding him with PRO officials

Meanwhile, the Argentine Business Association (AEA), which is made up of the owners of the most powerful companies in the country, among which are Paolo Rocca (Techint), Luis Pagani (Bow), Alfredo Coto (Coto Supermarkets), celebrated the victory of LLA: “It is with great satisfaction that we highlight that today, once again, democracy has been consolidated in our country. We congratulate the President-elect Javier Mileiand We wish the greatest success in putting Argentina on the path of economic and social development”.

Fear of bankruptcies of companies linked to the State or protected

Within the institutional framework, the builders of Camarco They highlighted the election day in “peace and tranquility”they congratulated Milei and started “to willingness to work together in the development of the country, With the look set in the future”. “At CAMARCO we are convinced that dialogue is essential to overcome the difficulties that Argentina faces and on this election day we reaffirm our commitment to the institutions of the Republic,” the statement said. Lowly, There is fear of the bankruptcy of companies that they didn’t get paid public works already carried outand others that had others approved for the future.

The industrial SMEswho had complained about Milei’s silence regarding the sector, They congratulated the president-elect and sent him the proposals for the sector, which they had designed together with unions at a congress held two months ago. “It is important that in the new direction that the national administration will take, in economic matters, have factory development at the center of activitybecause thousands of Argentines depend on them,” said a press release from Industriales Pymes Argentinos (IPA).


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