Six airbags will be available in all the vehicles of this auto company, it will not matter whether it is base model or top model.

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indian car buyers Consumers have become aware about the safety of the car along with the mileage. Its effect is visible on the models of vehicles being brought by auto companies. Auto companies are increasing their focus on safety. At present all companies are offering two airbags. Going ahead of this, vehicle manufacturing company Hyundai Motor India said on Tuesday that now all its models in India will come with six airbags. The company also announced that it has decided to voluntarily participate in the recently introduced India NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) with three models. After this, more models will be introduced under this.

Verna got five star rating

The car company also announced that its mid-size sedan ‘Verna’ has received a five-star rating. This rating has been received from the global NCAP for the safety of adults and children. Hyundai Motor India Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Unsoo Kim said that people’s safety is the company’s top priority. He said, “We are one of the benchmark setters in standardization of vehicle safety features. Now, we are excited to announce six airbags across all models and all variants.”

Star rating of 0-5 will be given according to security

Car manufacturers can voluntarily submit their vehicles for testing to Vehicle Industry Standard (AIS) 197 under the India NCAP programme. Based on the car’s performance in testing, the vehicle will be given a star rating of 0-5 for adult and child safety. Car buyers can use star ratings to compare safety standards across different vehicles and make purchase decisions accordingly.

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