Simeone: “Unrest is always there until the end of the market”

MADRID, 14 Jan. (.) –

The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, has assured that they are always “uneasy” until the transfer market is over, in which, after Joao Félix leaves, there could be an exchange between Yannick Carrasco and Memphis Depay with FC Barcelona, ​​and has stated that he only asks for “commitment” from his players, something he hopes they will show this Sunday against Almería.

“The restlessness, until the end of the market, is always there, because there are important players from our team who are a temptation for other teams,” he declared at a press conference, stating that they will accept “what the club needs to generate and suits it best.” . “We will be prepared for any situation that may have to be faced,” he added.

In this sense, he assured that they must “live with what happens in society.” “Since the pandemic, the clubs have suffered a lot financially, we have not been able to sell in recent years, and it is increasingly difficult to buy. You have to know how to live with it,” he said. “We are always talking with Andrea -Berta- and with Miguel -Gil Marín- and they clearly know what the team needs,” he said.

In another order of things, the Argentine coach did not want to assess the words of the Portuguese Joao Félix, who has gone on loan to Chelsea and has assured that he has prioritized “being happy” with the ball. “That is a question for him,” said the ‘Cholo’. “I’m not going to stop at such a long explanation, I just wish him the best. He is a boy who has extraordinary conditions, he is young, and he is excited to do it in the best way and show all his football. I hope he does well wherever you are,” he said.

About what he demands the most from his footballers, quality or humility, the rojiblanco coach was clear. “Commitment; it’s the healthiest thing, what we know how to do best and what these guys can give to the club,” he said.

Finally, Simeone called to focus on the game against Almería. “It is a team that has been doing very well at home, above all, with a coach with very clear ideas and a game identity that he has proposed in all the teams he was in. It will be a game that we will have to take where we believe that we can hurt them,” he concluded.

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