Simeone: “I feel the same illusion that I had on my first day at Atlético”

MADRID, Jan. 21 (.) –

The coach of Atlético de Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone, asked this Friday for “unity” and “tranquility” in the face of the “difficult situation” that the team is going through, assuring that he feels “the same illusion” that he had on his first day as Atletico coach, at the same time that the game against Valencia, his next rival in the league, will be “hard and complex”.

“I feel very good. I am very excited, the same as I had the first day at Atlético. I only feel positive things, I want to see the good dynamics in the last two games, hopefully we can continue with that positive dynamic. Everything that happened it can’t be fixed from here to the back. I ask the people to be with the team, the team needs our people, I have no doubt that the people will respond. 90 percent of the players who are going to be there tomorrow made champions,” Simeone said at a press conference.

The Argentine insisted that “only matters” the match against Valencia this Saturday. “Hopefully we can show on the field all the unity that exists within the locker room and the desire to get out of the moment of difficulty that the team has. We have to show it on the field, words are not enough,” he said.

“Unity is the key, we were always strong because we were all together. From the union everything always goes well and rearranges itself. You have to calm down, you don’t have to rush, because it doesn’t lead anywhere. We need forcefulness and stability, and we have to transmit it on the field”, analyzed Simeone about the current situation of the team.


In addition, the coach believes that “important injuries to the team” have had an influence at this bad time. “Obviously we were looking to change and find something to have stability, but we haven’t found it. After returning in December the team competed very well and we hope to continue with that positive dynamic to settle where we are,” he wished.

On matchday 22 of LaLiga Santander, Valencia expects a “tough, complex rival who competes very well.” “We know their coach very well and we will have to take the game to where we think we can hurt Valencia,” added the Argentine.

Simeone confirmed that Stefan Savic will return to the squad after nine games absent and Luis Suárez will also play. “We trust in the group, we always believe that the team is more important than individualities, when the team responds everything works well. You have to continually vindicate yourself and I love it, it is life itself that is happening,” he said about the team’s situation .

On the other hand, Simeone valued the hostile reception given to the club before the match against Real Sociedad. “Today’s society often uses football as a means of escape, before important matches these situations occur that we are not used to in Spain. The images in San Sebastián speak for themselves, but it had nothing to do with our defeat “, he stated.

Finally, the Argentine highlighted the good minutes played by youth squad player Javi Serrano in the Copa del Rey. “If he continues with humility and where he works, getting closer and closer to being able to be stable with us, it will depend on his desire to learn and improve. We feel identified with his game, he is small, we should not rush him but he has something needs: energy,” he concluded.


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