Shooting Range 918: Israel forcibly deports over a thousand Palestinians


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Well into the night of May 4, the eve of the Independence Day celebrations in Israelthe Supreme Court approved the expulsion of more than a thousand Palestinians from a large area in the south of the West Bank occupied, after a judicial battle that has dragged on for two decades and with a decision that can no longer be appealed.

The ruling establishes that the Masafer Yatta region, in the area of hebron, will become a Shooting Range that the Army will be able to use without restrictions for its maneuvers, and that the Palestinians who until now resided there will have to leave without delay. More than a thousand Palestinians lived there temporarily, depending on the season, or permanently from time immemorial.

Israel has more than enough space in the Negev desert to set up a firing zone, but the army has decided that the West Bank is ideal for these tasks, and the Supreme Court has agreed with it, an indication that all levels of the state work in unison and in sync to steal land in violation of international law, be it for the establishment of Jewish settlements, to set up a firing range or for any other pretext.

And this abuse is carried out while respecting the exquisite “democratic game” applied by Israel, which includes the Supreme Court and which endorses the occupation on a daily basis and in a thousand different ways while the international community washes its hands and it remains at a prudent distance, incapable of adopting measures to stop the continued plunder suffered by the Palestinians.

The only way that the Supreme Court’s decision could be reversed is through an energetic intervention of the international community, something that will certainly not happen due to the fear that Western leaders show in everything related to the Jewish state, which causes a paralysis that Israel takes advantage of at all times and on all fronts.

Only a week after the Supreme Court’s decision, the so-called Civil Administration, which is actually the Israeli army, proceeded to dismantle and demolish the first 19 structures that the Palestinians had built, giving the starting signal to the expulsion of the population residing in the affected hills. This will destroy eight villages whose population has lived there for generations.

Likewise, the Supreme Court opens the way to confiscate other West Bank territories that the Army has already declared firing ranges. The plundering is permanent and is carried out in broad daylight from the north to the south of the West Bank without the Palestinians being able to do anything to prevent it, and while the leaders of the US, France and Germany remain with their arms crossed.

The newspaper Ha’aretz ironically, “miraculously” none of the hundreds of Jewish settlers living in Shooting Range 918, most of whom arrived after the Palestinians, has been affected by the Supreme Court’s decision, with which the high court once again confirm the Systematic “apartheid” reigning in the West Bank.

The more than a thousand expelled Palestinians were born and raised in that area where natural caves abound that the residents have used to take care of narrow portions of arable land and as a meeting point for their herds of goats and sheep, in a particularly hostile space, almost desert, in adverse weather conditions, without electricity and without running water. Many are elderly and there are women and children who have lost everything.

The justices unanimously rejected the residents’ argument that international law prohibits the forcible expulsion of the population from the area occupied by Israel in the 1967 war, a practice that the Jewish state continuously applies. One of the magistrates, David Mintz, who is himself a settler in the Dolev settlement, near Ramallah, considers that international law is not applicable to a single state in the world, Israel, if Israel does not consent to it, according to reports. the Hebrew media.

Article 49 of the Geneva Convention clearly states that “individual or group displacement, as well as deportation of protected persons from the occupied territory to the territory of the occupying power or to any other country, occupied or not, are prohibited regardless of their reason”. But the Israeli magistrates have rejected arguments based on the Geneva Convention.

In addition to Mintz, the other two magistrates are Isaac Amit and Ofer Grosskopf. With the speed with which Western leaders impose sanctions on those who do not respect international law in cases that interest them, this time the three justices can be sure that there will be no sanctions against them or against Israel, because that is how the world works. .


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