Shocking video: crew member pushed passenger into the sea for arriving late

An unfortunate event occurred in Athens when A man died after crew members of a boat pushed him into the sea for arriving late for departure time..

The event shocked Greece and several Internet users, who rejected the attitude of the crew members, since the man died.

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According to several videos that are circulating on social networks and local media, a 36-year-old man came running to board, and although it was late to do so, the boat was not moving.

In fact, in the images you can see that the boat was just beginning to set sail.

Seeing that the man was getting on the ferry, a crew member stopped him and began to struggle with the passenger.

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The crew member, without saying a word, pushed the man into the sea. Because the ship was setting sail, the waters were turbulent and dangerous, so much so that they ended up killing the man.

More about the case

The event occurred in Piraeus port in Athens, Greeceand the crew member was from the Blue Horizon ferry.

The World Alert media mentioned that “It is presumed that the deceased had already boarded, but had to get off and, when he returned, that was when the incident occurred.”

The authorities are investigating the case and a Greek prosecutor plans to present criminal charges against the captain of the ferry and the three crew members who were involved.


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