Sergio Scariolo: “Georgia had a slip and will come out ‘to the death'”

MADRID, Sep. 2 (.) –

The national men’s basketball coach, Sergio Scariolo, stressed that this Saturday they will have a “difficult” second game at Eurobasket 2022, when they face a Georgia team whose “imposing” physique stood out and will come out “‘to the death'” after his somewhat unexpected defeat in the debut against Belgium.

“We are preparing for a difficult match, on the host’s court and against a strong rival, especially physically imposing and supported by a large crowd, as was seen against Belgium,” Scariolo told the media.

The Georgian team was surprised by Belgium in its debut, something that for the Italian was “a slip” that does not suit Spain. “They will go out ‘to the death’ to try to remedy it against us and we have to be prepared,” he warned.

The one from Brescia believes that the victory against Bulgaria helped them “to gain a little confidence in some aspect of the game” such as the success in the shot of three, something that, “of course”, they need to work because of the “size ” of the team. “We will always be very influenced in our scoring by this success,” he remarked.

Scariolo also recalled that the premiere helped them “show the things that need to be improved.” “We have little training work and we do it with video, individual and collective meetings, but defensively we have to take a step forward,” stressed the coach.

“We have to reduce errors as much as possible because we don’t have the size to remedy it later with a block or a defensive rebound. We have to get the ball into the ‘paint’ as little as possible and that there are shots that two out of three captures are ours,” he considered.

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