Sergio Massa announced a “SME Dollar” to encourage exports

The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa announced that, starting next Monday, it will be implemented an Export Increase Program similar to Dead Cow Dollar and the Soybean Dollar for the SME industry. In addition, he provided details of the proposal to create a Argentine Digital Currency.

He did so within the framework of an event organized by the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME)in which the presidential candidate also participated Juan Schiaretti and the vice presidential candidate Luis Petri.

During the entity’s event, titled “Policies to create a productive and federal Argentina”each political force presented his proposals for the SME business sector less than 20 days until the general elections on October 22.

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“Just as we have encouraged an increase in export volumes against liquidation for soybeans, Starting Monday, SMEs will also have this benefit to guarantee greater income“, revealed the head of the economic portfolio.

In this way, and in the absence of the publication of a decree in the Official bulletin that describes it in detail, if it is similar to the PIE already implemented will allow a settlement of 25% of the export value in dollars through Cash with Settlement; while the remaining 75% must be deposited in foreign currency and negotiated through the Free Exchange Market.

“We have to raise dollars and get rid of the IMF once and for all”

Continuing with his speech, Massa maintained that His “first great challenge” if he reaches the Casa Rosada is to carry out “a tax reform”where the recently announced Argentine Digital Currency takes a fundamental role.

“All of us who are here know that 40% of the Argentine economy works informally and how this threatens relative prices and free competition. If we don’t attack this, Today and always we will be in the same problem. So this new mechanism can help the economy grow and nip corruption in the bud, because one can see the details of the operationsand that puts an end to the black market,” he exclaimed.

Furthermore, he revealed that the development of this digital platform will come with a “labor laundering law”. “Tax evasion It is a drama, but so is the illusion. We must stop hunting in the Zoo and start hunting outside. Therefore, each new job will not pay social security contributions; and for those informal workers, 70 months of contributions will be recognized, without criminal or tax sanctions for employers“.

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During the event, he again criticized the International Monetary Fund and maintained that it should be a state policy “get it out once and for all”. “If we do not recover autonomy, we will never propose a development project. We have to recover sovereign decision over our economy. That is why it is essential export, collect dollars, pay and get the IMF out of the country“he asserted.

To close, and in an electoral key, he concluded: “It’s not with sticks or a chainsaw, guys, but with a scalpel. We get out of this with a table, dialogue and objectives. The best path is National Unity. And just as I believe that it is my turn to convene the political sector, I also believe that It is a duty to call businessmen, so that this plurality is reflected. I just want to tell you that I have a deep respect, so much so that Being a minister and candidate, I come to stand up for you, because I believe in Argentine SMEs.“.

Juan Schiaretti: “Moving the capital inland would do good for the entire country”

Another of the speakers at the event at CAME was the governor of the province of Córdoba, and candidate for president for We do for our country, Juan Schiarettiwho criticized the lack of federalism and proposed take the capital to the Interior. “I think it would do the country good. and it will not harm the City of Buenos Aires”he stated.

“The centralism of Argentina It is very difficult to see in other countries. When you govern the country from the AMBA and for the AMBAyou don’t think about basic things for the rest of the nation, because they don’t impact that region. And some are very necessary for the development of the country, but they are not done because the rulers They care about winning votes here. They leave aside the interior“he emphasized.

Regarding the current economic crisis, he assured that “we are on the verge of hyperinflation” product of the dollar clampdown and the fiscal deficit. “I wish we didn’t get to that point.” because it is going to be terrible suffering for families and companies“, said.

“Always The State spends more than it earns and goes into debt to do so.. But there is a time when they won’t lend you any more and they print tickets. This is happening now. And there is no monetary system or a miraculous measure that will resolve the country’s situation if this continues. To those who propose dollarization and bimonetarism, I remind you that we already had Convertibility, which exploded, precisely, because of the fiscal deficit. The key, then, is not to spend more than you earn.“he added.

In harmony, he proposed a temporary doubling of the exchange rate to get out of the stocks “but always trying to avoid a mega devaluation”. “It can’t be the $350 one or the $800 one, but a middle point“he exclaimed.

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In relation to taxes related to production, which mainly affect small and medium-sized companies, he expressed: “The only country where they charge you withholdings and export taxes is this one. This has to change. Gross Taxes must be replaced by a more progressive tax. Also the Check Taxwhich penalizes production and encourages people not to bank the economy.”

Finally, and regarding the policies that he would apply in the sector if he wins the elections and takes office on December 10, he closed: “First there must be stability and then, Serious differential credits, with realistic and stable rates. We must also move forward on the issue of labor Relations. If today a company takes on an employee, and is unlucky enough to have to fire them, it ends up going bankrupt. And if a commercial SME increases its workload, taxes should be lowered to encourage hiring. It is always better to subsidize employment than unemployment. Small and medium-sized businesses must be the driving force and get us out of this Argentine decline. And that’s how it’s going to be.”

Luis Petri: “We are going to eliminate the stocks, the SIRAs and the Gross Income”

For his part, the candidate of Together for Changeand running mate of Patricia Bullrich, Luis Petri, also said present. During his speech he criticized the ruling party and assured that “a successful economic plan is not possible” for Argentina “in a corrupt government.”

Furthermore, and with an eye toward the October 22 elections, he declared: “We are going to be in the runoff.”

Agreeing with Schiaretti, he maintained that “the cause of the Argentine crisis is the fiscal deficit”. “There is, on the part of the political class, an addiction to public spending. We have a State that taxes you as if you lived in Switzerland, but it provides you services as if you lived in Haiti. The State must be put on a diet and that begins by adjusting to politics. Capable is not enough, but we must be exemplary“, he stated.

Candidates with their plans for SMEs

Online, he took aim at the recent measures announced by Sergio Massa and described the central bank as “the ATM of the National Government.” “An entity that should ensure the importance of the peso has ended up being the benefactor and financier of the ‘platita plans’ that we are all going to end up paying with inflation“, he expressed.

In relation to one of the main concerns of industrial SMEs, such as restrictions on imports, he emphasized that, if Patricia Bullrich reaches the Casa Rosada, she will remove the exchange rate and the SIRAs. “There cannot be a regime that authorizes you to import or export”, he added. Besides, promised to eliminate Gross Income.

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At the same time, he defended the bimonetarism proposal promoted by the political front and pointed out against the dollarization plan of Javier Milei. “You cannot dollarize an economy without dollars. It’s like playing soccer without a ball, you can’t. Unless you are going to take the buck from the saversthere is a Bonex Plan or a Corralito, which is something we do not want,” he explained.

Argentina has to show signs of confidence and has to provide predictability. The State constantly changes the rules of the game. We need a law to protect national and foreign investments that guarantees legal certainty. And we know that it is essential, too, a labor reform. We have to end the judgment industry. These are the questions that, we know, we must ask to organize the country economically. Everything seems impossible until it is done, and we are going to make it possible“he concluded.

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