Serbian Prime Minister responds by appealing for unity to homophobic attacks by an Orthodox bishop

MADRID, Aug. 17 (.) –

The prime minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, openly homosexual, has appealed for national unity in response to the attacks received by a high-ranking cleric of the Orthodox Church, who announced “cursing” those who attend the Pride parties European, which this year are held in Belgrade.

“Now we have to fight for Serbia. We cannot afford to fight each other,” Brnabic responded during an interview for the Serbian network Pink TV to the attacks by Nikanor Bogunovic, bishop of Banat, a historic region in southeastern Europe that it hosts parts of Serbia, Romania and Hungary.

In this sense, Brnabic has pointed out that the efforts of all Serbs should be focused on the talks that the country’s president, Aleksandar Vucic, will hold this Thursday in Brussels in relation to Kosovo, a former Serbian province that declared its independence in 2008.

“We have to give all our support to the president of Serbia, who will fight in the talks in Brussels so that we can have peace,” he settled on the eve of the meeting between Vucic and his Kosovar counterpart, Albin Kurti, to dissipate any return to the tensions of years ago.

Brnabic thus responds to the Orthodox bishop’s statements in which he assured that if he could carry a weapon, he would use it against all those who intend to arrive in Belgrade in September to “profane” the city. “I will curse all those who organize and participate in something like this,” the bishop said.

Nikanor’s words were censored by President Vucic, who assured that with them he not only insulted himself but also the religious institution he represents. “He humiliated our Church,” he told Serbian Prva TV.

Just a few days after the priest’s statements, tens of thousands of people marched through the streets of Belgrade carrying chants and chanting offensive songs against the LGTBI community to protest this year’s celebration of European Pride in the Serbian capital.

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