Serbia: Fehredinov and Drakul triumphed at the Novi Sad Marathon

Rustan Fehredinov from Russia and Džesika Drakul from Canada are the winners of the Novi Sad Marathon, which was held for the 31st time in Novi Sad, Serbia. This year’s sports event gathered more than 850 participants from 20 countries. As usual, the Novi Sad Marathon had its competitive as well as recreational-fun part, so many running fans of different ages could try their hand at different distances, reports Anadolu.

The interesting thing about this year’s marathon is that the championship trophies went to a Russian and a Canadian woman who also live in Novi Sad, so the trophies will remain in the city where they ran the marathon.

The weather was not kind to marathon runners, so no records were broken, but personal records were set.

Fehredinov ran the distance of 42,195 meters in 3:03:42 hours, which is his personal record, ahead of Serbian Army member Marko Božić and Hungarian competitor Čaba Nađa.

Canadian Džesika Drakul ran the marathon course in 4:01:34, ahead of Nataša Obradović from Belgrade and local marathoner Albina Tobolka Tarjan.

The winner of the Novi Sad Marathon is a programmer from St. Petersburg and has lived in Novi Sad for a year, and this is his ninth marathon. As he says, he hopes that he will continue to improve his personal record and that the next marathon will be run under three hours.

On the other hand, Džesika Drakul is married in Novi Sad, and she ran this race as part of preparations for the famous Boston Marathon. In a statement to the media, she said that she was not satisfied with the result, and that the competition was tougher so that her result would have been better.

In addition to the big race, a 25-kilometer competition was held, where the Russian Aleksej Chetaev also won, Milivoje Jovović from the Serbian Army took the longest, and Miloš Dajević from the Hajduk Marathon club from Kula won the third place. In the women’s competition, the cup intended for the winner went to Mirjana Mikalački from Kikinda, ahead of Russian Darija Viurkova and Austrian Katarina Vojinović.

Two teams participated in the traditional relay race, and the Gendarmerie won ahead of the Military Gymnasium team.

A special attraction of the Novi Sad Marathon this year was the race of crawling babies, girls and boys under one year old who crawled at 4,195 meters, and ten-year-old Mihajlo won the competition “on all fours”. Seven competitors took part, four boys and three girls, and according to the decision of the competition committee, all of them were awarded with medals and special gifts.

This year, a turtle race was also held, because the turtle is the mascot of the Novi Sad Marathon, and the competition was the same as for babies. Among the seven competitors in armor, the fastest was a turtle named Korni, whose owner is seven-year-old Lazar Pavlović. This is Korni’s first speed award. It is a curiosity that his owner Lazar also won an award six years ago – he was the fastest crawling baby at the Novi Sad Marathon.

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