Senator Murphy after meeting with Kurti: Community should be finished this year

American senators Chris Murphy and Gary Peters said after the meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti that they are encouraged by the agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia and that they are aware that solutions are difficult for both sides, reports Anadolia.

In a statement to the media after the meeting, Prime Minister Kurti said that Kosovo and the United States have excellent relations, recalling numerous joint agreements and activities, from energy to military cooperation. Kurti assessed that the democratic system that both countries stand for is strong, but also more sensitive, because it is more open and needs to be defended more.

Kurti pointed out that he conveyed to the senators that the agreements between Kosovo and Serbia are a platform for the full normalization of relations between the two countries.

“We also discussed the relations with our northern neighbor Serbia and the results of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia with the mediation of the European Union, with an emphasis on the Basic Agreement and the Annex for implementation. They serve to improve the relations between the two countries and represent platforms and opportunities for their full normalization. That is why we full, fast and unconditional implementation is needed,” Kurti emphasized.

Senator Murphy stated that he and Prime Minister Kurti spoke frankly about the dialogue and the agreement reached with Serbia, and that they are aware that the solutions are difficult for both parties.

“Serbia should stop preventing Kosovo’s membership in international organizations and we think it is understandable to allow municipalities with a Serbian majority to have the opportunity to organize the services they provide, but time is of great importance. This is the year when this issue should be ended and allow movement towards normalization that will lead to mutual recognition,” said Murphy.

He assessed that the USA does not have a bigger and better friend than Kosovo, recalling that Kosovo helped with the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and that it was with the USA on the issue of Ukraine.

He also praised the Government of Kosovo for its dedication to fighting corruption and protecting the rule of law, which is why, he said, Kosovo has recorded exceptional economic growth and an increase in foreign investments.

Senator Peters pointed out that there is a large Albanian community living in the United States who love their country and often return to invest.

Peters said that Kosovo first expressed its desire to cooperate with the American armed forces, so it is no surprise that Kosovo is among the main partners in the realization of the international military field exercise “Defender Europe ’23”.

The senators were previously received by the President of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani.

By visiting Kosovo, they started a one-week tour of the Western Balkans.

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