Scotland is now the first country in the world to provide free pads and tampons to all women.

Tampons and pads are now free for all women in Scotland. This Monday came into force the Law of Products for the Rule that provides total free feminine hygiene products for the country’s citizens. Municipalities and educational institutions will be in charge of distributing feminine hygiene products to those who request them and they must be available by law.

The law was passed unanimously in November 2020 on the proposal of the Labor Party MP Monica Lennon after a campaign against the “poverty of the rule”. “I am proud to have pushed through the Products for Periods Act, which is already bringing about positive change in Scotland and around the world,” she told Scottish public television STV.

“The municipal authorities and participating organizations have worked hard to make the right to free access to the products of the rule a reality,” he added. For Lennon, he supposes “another great milestone for activists for the dignity of the rule (…) that shows that things can be achieved with progressive and courageous choices”.

Until now, tampons and pads were already free for high school and university students, although the new legislative framework extends coverage to all women.


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