Scholz assures that there are currently no “plans” to admit Ukraine into NATO

Zelensky defends the idea of ​​Kiev joining the Alliance but acknowledges that “not everything” depends on them


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz assured on Monday that there are currently no “plans” to admit Ukraine to Western alliances such as NATO, in full tension with Russia, which does not want Kiev to join the group.

“That is why it is somewhat peculiar to observe that the Russian government is making something that is practically not on the agenda the subject of great political problems,” said the foreign minister after meeting with the president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, in Kiev.

“This is, after all, the challenge we are facing now. The fact that something that is not an issue is now becoming an issue,” he continued, according to the German news agency DPA.

Within the framework of the talks -which have lasted almost two hours, longer than had been planned-, Scholz has offered Ukraine another 150 million euros in economic aid, in addition to another 150 million already committed but Berlin still hasn’t paid. In total, Berlin has allocated more than 2,000 million euros to Ukraine.

Scholz, who has remarked that no country in the world has given more economic aid to Kiev in the last eight years than Germany, has indicated that he has visited the country “in difficult times”, while reiterating that Germany “firmly” supports to Ukraine.

Zelensky, for his part, has defended plans for Ukraine to join NATO, stressing that membership in the Alliance could make the country more “safe”, although he acknowledged that “unfortunately, not everything depends” on Kiev. .

Similarly, he stressed that the struggle to enter the Alliance is protected by the Ukrainian Constitution. “When we will get there no one knows, not even some members of NATO,” he added.

In addition, he has indicated that he has discussed with Scholz the need to include specific legal guarantees to protect Ukraine in the security architecture of Europe.

“The issue of security challenges and the peace process has been the main topic of our talks”, confirmed the Ukrainian president, who has insisted that it is in his country “where the future of the security architecture is being decided Union, of which our State is a part”.

In this sense, he has argued that Ukraine is a “reliable” ally and “a true outpost of democracy in the region.” “Without Ukraine, the creation of a functioning security architecture in Europe is impossible,” she concluded, according to the Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform.

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