Scariolo: “Lorenzo Brown’s adaptation to the group has been excellent, this has really surprised me”

MADRID, Aug. 8 (.) –

The Spanish basketball coach, Sergio Scariolo, recognized that Lorenzo Brown’s adaptation to the group has been “excellent”, something that “honestly” has “surprised” him since he considered that it has “far exceeded imagination”.

“Lorenzo Brown’s adaptation to the group has been excellent. Honestly, this has really surprised me. Not because I was expecting something bad, but because of course reality has far exceeded imagination, both him and the rest of his teammates” , declared the coach to the media prior to the first friendly in preparation for the Eurobasket.

Scariolo stressed that Brown has entered with a “humble and collaborative” attitude, wanting to generate play for everyone else and putting himself “at the service of the team.” “I think that is what has created that bridge with the companions that they have later been in charge of reinforcing,” he added.

The Italian explained that the Spanish-nationalized American point guard is a player who has the ability to “make his teammates better.” “He’s not a super scorer, he never has been and never will be. But we haven’t brought him in for that, but rather to give a little more aggressiveness in scoring,” he valued.


Lorenzo Brown will make his debut with the national team against Greece, in this Tuesday’s friendly, where the first four discards will no longer be present: Alberto Díaz, Miquel Salvó, Jonathan Barreiro and Héctor Alderete, of whom Scariolo assures that “they have done an excellent job “.

“Miquel Salvó and Jonathan Barreiro have already established themselves in the national team and continue to progress. Alberto Díaz was not very well physically, he has also been there quite a few times already and will be there more times, but we want him to finish recovering completely correctly and with more time in a full pre-season with his club, and Héctor Alderete has shown us that he can evolve in the position of ‘4’, even ‘3’, and I hope he can find space to grow in experience”, detailed the coach.

Scariolo also assessed the situation of the two injured players who are rushing their options for the Eurobasket, Usman Garuba and Alberto Abalde. “Garuba has just started, he will not play these games, he is still recovering from his injury, but he is not bad, today he has started to participate a little bit in a part of the work”, he commented.

About the Real Madrid player, he pointed out that “he continues in his most prudent, slowest recovery.” “Over the next week we will be able to have an idea of ​​whether he will be able to join training and from then on it will depend on how long it will take him to pick up a competitive rhythm. For now, let’s hope he can return to training after two games against Lithuania”, he completed.

Who will be available is Juan Núñez, whom he does not consider “a surprise at all” because Scariolo has been following him “for a long time.” “He still has many things to work on and to improve in many facets of being a professional player, he has many qualities on which to build. He is a player who has a lot of instinct for the game, personality, self-confidence, and for this reason he continues for a while longer with the absolute,” he explained.

Until now, Sergio Scariolo defines as “very good” the sensations that the team transmits to him “in terms of energy, enthusiasm and attitude”. “The important thing is to try to get together and try to be a very cohesive and very solid version of ourselves and in this way compensate for the shortcomings that we may have,” said the Italian coach.

For Scariolo, the friendly in Greece is positive to compete and to break the training routine. “This year the tour has been designed in a slightly different way” by having to face a rival as strong as Greece so soon in what will be useful matches against very strong teams, “he acknowledged.

However, whatever happens in the double confrontation against Greece, Spain has to “understand” that they are friendlies, without worrying, getting depressed or “overestimating the result”, something that the national team did not do either “when the preparation matches seemed like formalities to get to the championship.

Scariolo wanted to “send a big congratulations” to the lower categories of the Spanish Federation after the victory in the U18 European Championship. “I wanted to send a big congratulations to our boys from the U18, Dani Miré, all the coaching staff and the players and of course the opportunity is good to extend it to Joaquín Prado, the U20, and Javi Zamora and the U17”, commented the coach after the successful summer that Spanish grassroots basketball is going through.

“I am very proud of how this unique system of work, growth, methodology, rapport between all the teams in the federation proceeds and it is a matter of pride to be able to compete as well as they have done,” he concluded.

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