scales and sticks

Surprises and mysteries that the river brings, and that, as in life, are often not resolved, but they give us the reason and the way to always try. A text by Rodolfo Perri.

As a consequence of a permanent attraction that I recorded, still a child, hand in hand with my parents, in many trips to the Delta islands I was accumulating a series of events, very particularly linked to its situation on land with large sectors still virgin, in which fauna and flora are kept out of the hand of man. These corners sometimes correspond to sectors of mud and sand banks that over time, and thanks to the constant sedimentation of the waters, become islands with huge trees, and which remain unexploited for years.

So I was able to see otters, capybaras, and marsh deer, among other mammals. Soul fisherman, I also reveled in shows such as schools of dorados going forward with soft apparitions cutting the surface, one next to the other, in full nuptial journey, and without paying attention to any type of artificial or bait.

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by Juan Ferrari

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