Saudi clubs grab the attention of football fans

Istanbul / Dilara Afifi

The news of the Saudi stadiums caught the attention and interest of football fans, seeking to access official information and statements regarding the new transfers of a number of the most important players in European leagues.

In the event that these deals are confirmed, the Saudi Football League will compete with its stars in the major European leagues, led by the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga.

The latest leaks in this football file indicated the start of negotiations for the English club player, “Chelsea”, N’Golo Kante, to join a Saudi football club.

Ngolo Kante

Football transfer expert, Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, revealed in a tweet on Tuesday morning that Saudi delegates were in the British capital, London, “to make an official offer to include N’Golo Kante (32 years).”

He said that the Saudi offer “could reach 100 million euros, including image rights and commercial deals.”

He added that the Saudi “Al-Ittihad” and “Al-Nasr” teams were looking forward to completing the deal with Kante, who had always given priority to renewing his contract with Chelsea.

Italian journalist Rudi Galletti revealed yesterday that Kante had agreed to move to the Saudi Al-Ittihad club, through a free transfer deal, after his contract with Chelsea expired on June 30.

Galetti said on Twitter: “A decisive meeting in the coming hours with Kante, where the French player was convinced to accept the federation’s offer, and it seems a great opportunity to end the deal soon.”

Karim Benzema

The French star, Karim Benzema, bid farewell to the Golden Ball winner, on Tuesday, in a small ceremony for his club, Real Madrid, after a 14-year career.

Benzema, 35, who won the Golden Ball, leaves his Spanish club in light of leaks indicating the completion of his deal with the Saudi Al-Ittihad club, which was not officially confirmed by either party, until Tuesday afternoon.

And French media quoted unnamed sources as saying that Benzema’s contract with Al-Ittihad “has already been signed, and it will be valid until June 2025, with an option for another season.”

The sources indicated that the contract stipulates a salary of up to 200 million euros, with the inclusion of some commercial deals.

And in the event that the contract of Benzema and the Saudi Federation is officially announced, this contract will be the second major deal concluded by Saudi clubs since the beginning of this year, after the inclusion of “Al-Nasr” club for Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo (38 years), in a deal estimated at more than 440 million euros for two and a half years. the year.

Lionel Messi

The fate of the best soccer player in the world, Argentine Lionel Messi, 35, in the new football season, remains unknown after announcing the end of his contract with his French club, Paris Saint-Germain, and not officially confirming his deal with the Saudi club Al-Hilal, until today.

According to media reports, everyone is waiting for the final decision regarding the leaks regarding Messi’s transfer to the Saudi “Al-Hilal”.

Fabrizio Romano said that the offer submitted to Messi from the Saudi club “is still on the table without any modifications.”

He explained that the American club “Inter Miami” also made an offer for Messi to join its ranks, last week.

And on April 4, Romano revealed that the Saudi “Al Hilal” had sent an official offer to Messi, with a salary of 400 million euros a year.

In this way, it is mentioned that the Saudi clubs “Al-Ahly” and “Al-Shabab” are also discussing with the French player, Pierre Aubameyang, the possibility of his transfer to the Saudi League from his English club, “Chelsea”.

Last February, Aubameyang rejected offers from two American clubs, under the pretext of his desire to continue playing in European clubs.

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