Sarajevo: The traditional Turkish military band “Mehter” held a concert in Baščaršija

The traditional Turkish military band “Mehter” held a concert on Wednesday in Sarajevo’s Baščaršija, in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Anadolia reports.

The military orchestra of the Mehter Union under the Ministry of Defense of Turkey will hold a series of concerts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the first such concert in Baščaršija today was watched by a large number of Sarajevo citizens and tourists, who did not hide their enthusiasm for the performance of this unique military orchestra from Turkey.

The orchestra started in front of the Saborna Church, then on Ferhadija Street, past the Sarajevo Cathedral, then in front of the Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque, and stopped near Sebilje, in the very heart of Baščaršija, where the concert was held.

The people of Zenica will have the opportunity to watch and listen to “Mehter” tomorrow. On Friday, June 23, the citizens of Mostar will be able to follow the “Mehter” concert, near the Old Bridge.

The same orchestra will also perform at this year’s Manifestation “513 Days of Ajvatovice”, in Donji Vakuf and Prusac.

According to tradition, “Mehter” will participate in the parade that will mark the passage of horsemen through Donji Vakuf, on Saturday, June 24, in the afternoon.

Thousands of citizens will have the opportunity to follow the performance of this orchestra at the central event of this year’s Ajvatovica, on the plateau in Prusac, on Sunday, June 25.​​​​​​

“Mehter” is the name for the military orchestras that accompanied the janissary units in their military campaigns, as well as the sultan and other Ottoman dignitaries at their public appearances. “Mehter” is considered the first military orchestra in history. Based on them, all the armies of the world founded their military bands.

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