Sánchez stresses before the troops abroad the “unavoidable commitment” of Spain to peace

Announces that he will visit one of the seventeen Spanish missions abroad

MADRID, Dec. 24 (.) –

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has guaranteed that Spanish democracy assumes the defense of international legality, human rights, cooperation and multilateralism as an “unavoidable commitment”, but complying with that mandate would be “impossible” without professionalism, self-denial and surrender of its armed forces abroad in this year 2022 that has brought a return from war to the European continent.

In a videoconference meeting with the troops deployed abroad for Christmas, Sánchez announced this Saturday to the Armed Forces that he will visit one of the Spanish missions abroad to express his “gratitude and pride” on the ground to the 10,781 soldiers who have participated during 2022 in different operations beyond the Spanish borders.

Thus, he recalled that Spain has reinforced its military deployment in NATO missions to contribute to the protection of the land and air space of countries such as Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria or Romania.

“We are a country firmly committed to world peace and we have also established ourselves as a reliable partner in the collective defense of our values ​​that Putin is calling into question right now,” he defended.

The president has referred to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, which marked the start of a “brutal conflict” that has just exceeded 300 days.

Regarding the conflict, he has stated that Putin’s “unjustifiable” aggression against Ukraine not only threatens a State that has the right to freely choose its future without interference or threats, but also a “frontal attack on the international order based on rules” and on the European values ​​that are being challenged by Putin in this war.

However, it has stressed that the conflict has tested the cohesion and strength of the European Union and the Atlantic Alliance (NATO) in such a difficult and complex context, they have been “up to this enormous challenge” and Spain has responded to the call for help from the Ukrainian people with military material and equipment whose transfer has involved a great human and logistical effort.


In this context, Sánchez has congratulated all the soldiers and civil guards deployed abroad for the Christmas holidays, whom he has defined as the “best ambassadors” and an example of “effort, resistance and victory morale”.

In addition, he thanked “from his heart” and on behalf of the Government and the entire country all the troops who carry the banner of Spain “with so much honor to lands so far away” and he wished them that 2023 would be the year in which hopefully peace that is sorely needed in the countries where they are deployed.

Sánchez, to whom these dates inspire “wishes for peace, for a reunion” with families and loved ones, has lamented the bittersweet taste that these festivities can have for those who are far from home and has conveyed the “deep gratitude and recognition and appreciation of all of Spanish society”.

The president has praised the Spanish troops in all missions abroad as representatives and guarantors of the values ​​of peace, democracy and freedom with which Spain and its Constitution must be identified. “You are the best image that a country like ours can project in the world,” said the President of the Government from La Moncloa, accompanied by the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, and the Defense Chief of Staff, Admiral Teodoro E. Lopez Calderon.

Specifically, he referred to all the important missions for security in the European Union, in Mali, Senegal, the Central African Republic, Somalia, Mozambique, in the Gulf of Guinea and in the Indian Ocean, as well as in Colombia, Iraq, Lebanon , Tunisia, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Turkey or Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as at sea, where Navy ships guarantee the right to safe navigation in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

In his opinion, this “monumental” effort speaks volumes about Spain as a country but also about the capacity and commitment of its armed forces wherever they go and where they earn the respect and affection of the local population and those who suffer the consequences of violence. , of the most extreme inequality or of political instability.


Lastly, the President of the Government reminded the 189 Spanish soldiers who, in the 33 years of missions abroad, gave their lives for these values ​​and praised their commitment to Spain to the end at a time marked by uncertainty. “It is our duty to keep his legacy of service alive,” he said.

Finally, to the “guardians of stability” that the world “craves like never before” on these marked days when distance and nostalgia for family weigh so heavily, it has given them the certainty that the entire country remembers them and wished happy holidays.

Then, all the contingents deployed abroad greeted the president, accompanied by the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, and explained how they will spend the Christmas holidays despite being away from their families.

For his part, Robles has conveyed his affection and gratitude to them and has reminded the members of the armed forces who have died this year and those who have recently suffered major injuries to whom he has wished a speedy recovery.

Finally, in addition to guaranteeing peace where each contingent is, he has insisted that they also have the urgent mission of giving special protection to the Three Wise Men who are loaded with packages.

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