Sánchez responds to Mañueco that women’s rights cannot be annulled by “cyclical majorities”

The last letter sent by Alfonso Fernández Mañueco to the Government, in which he stated that it was attacking an unreal question with “unusual harshness”, already has an official response. It was the President of the Government himself, Pedro Sánchez, who addressed him a letter this Thursday, in which he “sincerely” thanks him for complying with the Government’s requirements and “compliance with the law”.

Sánchez’s letter, to which he has had access Publiccomes after the two executives have exchanged harsh writings after the announcement that Castilla y León planned to implement a protocol that would force doctors to offer pregnant women a fetal heartbeat test or 4D ultrasound in the first trimester of pregnancy. A measure that is contrary to the legislation and that was intended to put pressure on women who wanted to terminate their pregnancy.

After thanking the gestures that imply that Castilla y León has given up implementing said protocol, Sánchez warns Mañueco that the Executive “reserves the right to act in defense of its powers and current legislation in matters of sexual and reproductive health if at any time the announcement of the Junta de Castilla y León were to materialize by any means”.

In his writing, Sánchez reminds Mañueco that The Constitution includes among the highest values ​​equality and freedom and “recognizes the dignity of people and equality between women and men as fundamental rights.” Also that our country has ratified international treaties, such as the Istanbul Convention, which oblige it to fight against “psychological violence or coercion.”

“This is not a mere rhetorical formulation, but a political and ethical mandate for those of us who exercise public responsibilities. Therefore, any instrument or strategy for the exercise of power, be it legislative and regulatory power, territorial autonomy, relations between administrations or the signing and development of a political agreement must be guided by these principles and contribute to developing them. In no case can they be annulled, lowered or conditioned by appealing to circumstantial circumstances or political majorities“adds Sánchez in the letter.

The President of the Government recalls in the letter that Spain is a benchmark country in terms of gender equality thanks to the legislation developed over the last decades to “remove the difficulties that prevent women from developing their projects independently vital, also with regard to their decision on whether or not to continue with their pregnancy” and that they have great social support. He also mentions that the courts are currently debating an extension of these rights in a text that will modify the current law on sexual and reproductive rights and the voluntary interruption of pregnancy approved in 2010.

“Some Cortes Generales that less than a year ago penalized the harassment and coercion of women at the doors of health centers. If harassment and coercion are inadmissible at the entrance of said centers, much less can occur, by legal mandate or administrative indication, within them”, he adds.

The open conflict between the two executives came to light on January 12, when, after a Governing Council of Castilla y León, its vice president, García-Gallardo, announced the agreement of the regional executive to immediately implement a health protocol that It meant putting obstacles for women who wanted to abort. The measure was also defended by the Minister of Health, Alejandro Vázquez, and as they stated in said press conference, the measure complied with one of the commitments contained in the government agreement between Vox and the Popular Party.

Sánchez concludes his letter by stating that he trusts “that this controversy has been resolved, ensuring the full validity of the rights and autonomy of women.”

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