Sánchez responds this Monday to the complaints and requests of citizens in Moncloa

This Monday the citizens will be the protagonists of an act organized by the Moncloa where fifty citizens will be able to take the floor to express their concerns to the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezwho will try to give them answers and explain their priorities and plans for the future.

Presidency inaugurates the political course with a citizen meeting that is part of the project Moncloa Openwhich allowed for the first time to visit the presidential headquarters and which has been recovered after being interrupted by the pandemic.

Since Sánchez became president, the Government has received more than 250,000 messages. Congratulations, doubts, complaints, petitions and suggestions are managed by the Presidency, which has a communication unit dedicated to dealing with the messages that citizens send to the Executive.

Fifty senders of these messages have been selected for this Monday’s act, who will be able to remind the president himself “publicly and directly” what they raised at the time, what their concerns were and are, and what their proposals.

Sánchez, according to government sources, will try to respond personally to some citizens of this group, although the intention of the call is that they are the ones who speak and act as true protagonists of the meeting.

Thirty citizen meetings to sell the achievements

Pedro Sánchez will step more on the street to explain face to face to the citizens how his Government is acting. From last Saturday until the end of the year, the President of the Government will intervene in some thirty events throughout Spain to sell his management and detail what he is doing to defend the middle and working classes, as well as the productive fabric, in this context so adverse

Sánchez started the campaign yesterday in Seville The government of the people, with which he seeks to stop the PP and come back in the polls before the 2023 elections. During the act, in which the general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, Juan Espadas, also spoke, charged against the conservatives for not “bringing the shoulder” in the energy crisis. “Unity is essential against the aggressor, such as Putin,” said the president, who asked Brussels to reform the electricity market “once and for all.”

The socialist leader also made the PP ugly for “saying no to everything” continuously, with an eye on the parliamentary negotiations to approve the energy saving plan and before Tuesday coincides with Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the Senate, where both leaders will confront their respective energy models.

From the ERTE to the rise in the minimum wage

The President of the Government has been in charge of explaining to the citizens the measures taken to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, so that future voters take into account their management in view of the municipal and regional elections in May and the general elections in December.

While the Government “is at what it is”, he affirmed in Seville, the PP together with “the economic and media right wing” strives to defend “their minority and private interests, from a few powerful ones”, affirming that the big energy companies have hand in hand with the right to torpedo the Executive’s initiatives on energy, as they tried to do in Brussels when Spain and Portugal were negotiating the Iberian exception for gas.

Arguments similar to those that he will use during this campaign, where the president will insist on the initiatives that his government has launched in these two and a half years of legislature: from vaccines and ERTE to the increase in the minimum wagethe revaluation of pensions linked to the CPI, the 80% reduction in taxes linked to electricity or the 100% bonus for Cercanías and Renfe medium distance.

This Monday there will be an event in Moncloa, where fifty people will be able to take the floor to communicate their concerns to the president, who will transmit their priorities and future plans. This is how the Presidency inaugurates the political course: a citizen meeting framed within the project Moncloa Openwhich allows you to visit the headquarters of the Presidency, with an unprecedented format and moderated by the journalist Carme Chaparro.


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