Sánchez meets with Scholz and says that Europe is facing an “existential dilemma” between progress and the extreme right

The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchezhighlighted this Saturday in Berlin that Europe is facing a “existential dilemma” looking to the future and in the next elections to the European Parliament, before which it will have to decide between progress and “fear virus” propagated by the extreme right.

In Spain it was possible to stop the adversary “with the power of the vote,” he said, during his speech in English before the annual congress of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) German, to add that his country said yes to progress, to the future and to “unwavering will to move forward” and not to “regression and fear.”

In his speech, the President of the Government also warned against the “hate and fear” that can be “lethal” for democracies and are therefore being spread by the extreme right and invading world politics.

“The world is at a crossroads, we have seen it in democracies like USA, where we do not know what will happen in the next elections. It has happened in Brazil and now in Argentina“, he pointed

Looking ahead to the next elections to the European Parliament In June 2024, the president noted that the continent is at a crossroads and must decide whether to become “a beacon that inspires the world as example of integration and progress” or if “he hides behind trenches.”

“The battle is not lost. At the crossroads we will defend our principles while others give up. We have to assume responsibility even if we have to do it alone for the desertion of those who are incapable of resisting,” Sánchez promised.

The meeting with the German chancellor

The Spanish president He also held a bilateral meeting with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholzin the final stretch of the Spanish presidency of the Council of the European Union, which ends next December 31. A meeting during which they discussed key issues on the European agenda.

“I have met in Berlin with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, to review key issues on the European agenda such as the reform of fiscal rules or the Migration and Asylum Pactin which we are making significant progress under the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU,” Sánchez wrote in a message on the social network X.

Germany is a key partner of Spain at the bilateral, European and international level to continue improving the lives of our fellow citizens,” he added.

The meeting took place at the conference center where the annual convention of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) of Scholz, in which he has intervened Sánchez himself with a speech before the approximately 600 delegates.

The European agenda has focused the meeting on the margins of the annual congress of the German SPD, such as the review of the multiannual financial framework and other issues related to economic governance of the European Union.

Sánchez and Scholz addressed the file relating to the reform of tax rulesa fundamental issue for the Spanish presidency of the Council of the EU and which will be addressed again by the twenty-seven at the European Council next week.

Regarding the Migration and Asylum Pact, another of the files that the Spanish presidency has promoted, “both leaders have agreed on the importance of continue betting in ways that reinforce the outer dimensionunderlining the relevance of achieving strategic associations with the countries of origin and transit,” sources from Moncloa pointed out.

Scholf faces one of the worst crises of his Government

A ruling by the German Constitutional Court left a hole of at least 17 billion euros in the 2024 budgets

Before meeting with Sánchez, Scholz gave a speech before the Social Democratic Congress in which he highlighted the achievements of his Government in the face of challenges such as the end of the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukrainewith the subsequent energy price crisis.

“We have gotten Germany out of this winter. We still have this task and we continue to fulfill it,” he stated, in relation to the difficulties of last winter. Furthermore, he promised that despite the budget crisisthere will be no cuts that affect the welfare state in Germany.

Scholz, who heads a coalition of social democrats, greens and liberalsis in one of the worst Government crises that have been experienced in its two years of legislature, after a ruling by the Constitutional Court left a hole of at least 17 billion euros in next year’s budgets.

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