Sánchez initiates a new strategy and takes to the streets to stop the hoaxes of the right

More street. Listen to citizens. Sell ​​the government share and dismantle the hoaxes of the right. These are some of the objectives that the President of the Government has set himself on fire, Pedro Sanchez, and his team for this new political course. There are 15 months left for the general elections and the change in strategy is evident in La Moncloa and in the PSOE. Two significant acts will exemplify it. First, this Saturday in Seville under the framework of the initiative “The Government of the people”, promoted by the socialist leadership. The second, this Monday in La Moncloa as 50 invited citizens.

The turnaround in this start is clear especially compared to previous years. Sánchez used to take advantage of this beginning of the course to offer a conference before Ibex-35 companies. As President of the Government, this Monday La Moncloa will open its doors to the public “so that they can express their concerns and proposals to the President directly and publicly”.

The act will be moderated by the journalist Carme Chaparro and will participate fifty people that throughout this legislature, they have either written to the president to convey their concerns and reflections, or have been interested in its operation through the Moncloa Abierta visits programme.

But first comes the aforementioned event in Seville. From 12.45 in the Sevillian neighborhood of Pino Montano stars in the first act of a series of 30 similar ones that he plans to do until December. The format of the event will also be that of an open assembly with the possibility of questions and interaction with the attendees, as confirmed by the PSOE leadership. He will be accompanied by the mayor of the city, Antonio Munozthe general secretary of the Andalusian Socialists, Juan Espadas and Myriam Diazgeneral secretary of the PSOE of Pino Montano.

Already after elections in Andalusia, where the socialists reaped their worst historical result, his party analyzed that more street and a communicative effort were needed to sell the Government’s management. In July, Sánchez undertook a reform of the main visible faces of the party precipitated by the resignation as Deputy Secretary General of Adriana Lastra. Maria Jesus Montero replaced her in office. Pilar Alegria and Patxi Lopez they did the same with Felipe Sicilia and Héctor Gómez as spokespersons for the party and Congress. There were also changes in the communication team.

“There is a political and media right that has been determined to generate noise through hoaxes so that the management of the Government does not reach the citizens”, sources from the socialist leadership explain to Public. For the socialists, the opposition “has no alternatives and they only work to demolish the measures that are taken for the well-being of the people and alleviate the economic effects of the war in Ukraine.”

“We went outside because we are going to count and explain those measures talking to friends, neighbors, classmates. We want citizens to know the facts, because that is the best way to judge management,” they add from the PSOE.

the socialists charge against Alberto Núñez Feijóo and they remember his management at the head of the Xunta de Galicia, as well as his falsehoods in matters such as education. “The management of the Government is the best guarantee to once again ask citizens to trust the PSOE,” Ferraz insists, while criticizing the inconsistencies of the popular. “The facts are not his forte, only the opposition of scorched earth and not to everything”, they affirm.

The next such act will take place Friday September 9 in Toledo. Between organic and public positions of the PSOE throughout the country will also participate in similar initiatives. A point of attention will be at the train or metro stations. The leader of the Madrid Socialists, Juan Lobato, for example, began the campaign in San Sebastián de los Reyes this Thursday and in Atocha on Friday. “It is a fact that today the transport subscription has been free for hundreds of thousands of Spaniards,” he recalls in Ferraz. Events like these are what the PSOE clings to in order to get back on track in the polls.


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