Sánchez, Feijóo and Díaz disembark in Galicia to give impetus to their ‘unknown’ candidates

According to the latest CIS, the best-rated candidate for the Galician elections on February 18 is Ana Pontón, the leader of the BNG. With two decades behind her as a representative in Galicia, it is the third time that Pontón has run for election — she did so in 2016 and in 2020. She is an old acquaintance of Galician society, she is running a good campaign, even her political adversaries recognize her, and she does not want more push than that of her own brand. She is the exception in the latter.

The landing of national leaders marks the halfway point of the Galician campaign and this weekend Pedro Sánchez, Alberto Núñez Feijóo and Yolanda Díaz will meet in Galicia. Ione Belarra with Irene Montero, and Santiago Abascal will also be there. His drive is essential for his candidates.

When the Popular Party designed its campaign strategy, no one doubted that Feijóo’s presence added value. He added “a lot”, they clarify. Thus, the national president of the popular He has settled in Galicia almost permanently in the fifteen days preceding the elections to ask for the vote for Rueda, who was his vice president of the Xunta in a calculated – by Feijóo himself – second place. He didn’t have the opportunity to overshadow him and Feijóo’s shadow now haunts him.

A good part of Rueda’s campaign strategy is introducing him to Galician society and trying to get rid of the ghosts of Feijóo’s tutelage, despite the fact that he has been president of the Xunta for two years. But the influence of his predecessor in Galicia after fourteen years of absolute power is still great and, faced with the risk of losing the Government, he needs her votes and that is why they comb the community in parallel. They met at the opening, this Friday in Lalín (Pontevedra) and will meet again at the closing rally.

Besteiro and Lois, launched from the springboard of Congress

José Ramón Gómez Besteiro, the PSdeG candidate, has also asked for help midway through the campaign. The President of the Government Pedro Sánchez was in A Coruña on Friday and will participate this Saturday in the central event of the weekend in Vigo.

The PSOE tried to promote Besteiro from Congress and he has never hidden his intention to nationalize the campaign. But, with a low profile until the election date was imminent, the Galicians’ assessment of Gómez Besteiro remains close to passing with a 4.86, according to the latest CIS. He, too, is not well known in Galicia.

Something similar happens with Marta Lois, the head of Sumar’s list. Until two weeks ago, Lois was the spokesperson for Yolanda Díaz’s party in Parliament, a position that she left to focus on the 18F campaign. Galicians do not approve it either, according to the CIS.

The Minister of Labor accompanied Lois at the events this Friday in Pontevedra and on Saturday she has the support of Sumar’s new spokesperson, her replacement in office, Íñigo Errejón. The parade of well-known faces from their training such as Elizabeth Duval or Carla Antonelli marks their campaign.

Belarra and Montero also enter the campaign

And this weekend will also be the time when Ione Belarra and Irene Montero, leaders of Podemos, arrive in Galicia to support Isabel Faraldo, their candidate. They will participate together in an event in A Coruña with the aim of getting the party into Parliament. It doesn’t seem easy according to the surveys.

Even less for Vox, whom everyone sees as “completely out.” Santiago Abascal, who, like the rest of the leaders, moved his activity to Galicia this weekend, has asked for the vote to have the PP on “conditional freedom.” Abascal does not deflect the PP’s shot even in the Galician elections. In what remains until February 18, political news will be ‘spoken in Galician’ because the turnaround in the Xunta can cause an earthquake at the national level. Everyone is aware.

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