Sánchez defends “solving the problem” of the “only yes is yes” law through dialogue

From the dialog but solve the problem. This has been one of the main messages that the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezhas launched his deputies and senators on the reform of the law only yes is yes. The leader of the Executive has participated in the interparliamentary meeting of the PSOE this Tuesday in Congress. “It is evident that the law has had some undesired effects. And I fall short,” Sánchez stressed.

“Current events are what they are,” the president stated before dwelling on the law only yes is yes. Sánchez has insisted that the law “emerges from a broad feminist claim” and that it seeks “not to blame the victims” and to place “consent at the center”. In short, “a good law, which represents a “net advance” for women’s rights.

“Few advocate going back, but It is clear that the law has had some unintended effects. and i fall short. Because no one, neither the Executive nor the parliamentary groups, had the objective of lowering the sentence of any aggressor, “he added.

“I am convinced that no deputy wanted the sentences to be reduced. It was not the objective or the purpose of this law. But there is a problem,” Sánchez stressed. When asked what to do to deal with this problem, Sánchez has defended that it is necessary to use the “dialog” but “solve the problem”. A statement that has been answered with loud applause from the socialist ranks.

“We are going to do what must be done, what is of common sense and correct”, he added. In other words, “defend the great progress and correct the problem so that in the future there are no reductions in sentences”, reiterated the president and general secretary of the Socialists.

Sánchez’s words before his audience come a few hours after a statement by the Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, about consent and how to prove that there was violence in a sexual assault. These have been strongly criticized by Unidas Podemos, which considers that in this way the law loses its essence. This controversy and the breakdown of negotiations by the Socialists this Monday has led the coalition to a conflict with a complicated solution.

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