Sánchez asks his public officials to take to the streets to “pedagogy” the Government’s measures against the PP

Pedagogy. It has been one of the key concepts that the President of the Government wanted to convey this Monday, Pedro Sanchez, to their main public offices. The leader of the Executive has started the political course in Congress with a speech in front of his deputies, senators and MEPs. He has asked everyone for more presence on the streets and that pedagogical work to explain the measures carried out by the progressive coalition government against the PP model.

That of Sánchez has been an intervention without specific announcements except the officialization of the appointment of patxi lopez as spokesman for the parliamentary group in the lower house. Also, isaura leal will replace Rafi Crespin as General Secretary. To all of them, as well as to the former spokesman Hector Gomezthanked them for their role to long applause from the audience.

Sánchez’s words have once again confirmed the political line he has been insisting on in recent times. On the one hand, to show off how he has managed the crisis, “in a different way” from the neoliberal model that implanted the PP more than a decade ago. In the same way he has charged again against “the interests of a minority but very powerful”, in reference to large companies and high economic spheres.

The president has taken the opportunity to charge harshly against the popular. Even sarcastically. “Given the result of last week’s debate, I already announce that there will be more”, he stated in reference to the face-to-face meeting held in the Senate with Alberto Nunez Feijoo.

Sánchez has criticized a right “prey to its own past” and with a “legacy” of “unemployment, inequality, corruption and dismantling of the Welfare State.” A right that “blocks and denies any progress.” That is, according to the leader of the Socialists, “the same right as always.” In this sense, he has charged against the infinite legal resources that the popular have filed against socialist laws. “The only political project of the PP is to repeal all the advances”he has stated.

In addition, he has related blockage in justice with events such as what happened in the US with the abortion law. “They try to block the advances made by this chamber in the courts. It is very serious, dangerous and undemocratic,” he stressed.

Energy successes in the EU

An important point on which the president has stopped has been the energy issue. On the one hand, he wanted to highlight that the million people who have requested their free transport subscription have already been reached. On the other hand, Sánchez has once again exhibited the successes of his government in the European context. “Spain is today the country with the greatest credibility in Europe’s energy policy“, he proclaimed.

He welcomed the Brussels conclusions on energy, along the lines that his Government has been demanding for some time how to intervene in the energy market or implement a new tribute to companies of the sector.

For all these reasons, the president has asked his supporters for a “pedagogical effort” to “explain to the people what it cost us to recover from those erroneous policies” carried out by the right in the financial crisis of 2008. He has exemplified in this regard that in just two years it has been possible to recover the levels of employment prior to 2008. “With the neoliberal recipes it took us a decade, and we did it based on losing wages and rights”, he stated.

“Let’s transfer what we have done to every corner. It is precisely there in the streets where all the measures are born. All the approved advances have names and surnames. They are those of the working middle class. That is why we explain to society what social democracy represents”, insisted Sánchez. “We are going to honestly defend our government work and take it to all places, with the greatest ambition. It is the only government project that does not respond to minority interests. It is our great endorsement”, he concluded.


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